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4.3.2 – RealID Raiding

January 9, 2012 20 comments

So a discussion had apparently started yesterday on Twitter–one which I apparently missed because I wasn’t paying much attention to Twitter (aside from bemoaning the fail I was finding in LFR all day). The talk of being able to RealID raid with your cross-realm friends has been noted in the 4.3.2 patch notes, and the Twitter community is fairly close–some members get together for parties, see each other at BlizzCon, text/call each other, etc. Some of us have even run cross-realm 5-mans when the RealID option first appeared. It should be no surprise that with the newest PTR data, the hash tag, #10MTwitter and #25MTwitter were born.

But then there’s the challenge–I love all my Tweeps, and I don’t want to alienate anyone who would want to run stuff. And I love running the old content, but there’s still a lot I’d like to accomplish, and haven’t accomplished yet, with the Cata tiers.

And so I pondered. And I went to my favorite thinking spot (my shower). And I thought some more. And then it hit me. I could achieve my goals for Cata, while playing with people who were of the same mindset.

And so my plan was born.

Miri’s RealID Heroic 10M

Who: A selected group of interested individuals for a team

What: T11/12 Heroic modes and achievements

When: 2 nights a week, most likely Thursday & Friday from 9p-12a Eastern

Why: Because I feel weird if I’m not doing difficult stuff in WoW–I like achievements and I like fights that require effort

If You’re Interested…

Drop me a comment and let me know if you want to keep it private. I am being selective and have had some communication with people who I have played with in the past and some that I play with now to gauge their interest.

If you’re a solid player and have a desire to see the Heroic endings of several raid tiers, are willing to come as supplied and prepared as you do for a progression night with your own guild, and are Horde, please let me know!


Paladin Transmog 101

October 14, 2011 8 comments

Let's just say weapon drops have been going poorly...

Oh Paladins, you either love or hate your armor. You’re either vehemently opposed to skirts, you hate shiny armor, or combination of the above.

Paladin armor has had highs and lows, but with 4.3, we’ll be able to make sure we look exactly as we wish with Transmogrification!

I started playing right before the Burning Crusade, and didn’t start raiding until the summer after release. I remember all the Paladins in guild clamoring about the recolored Judgement and running those instances for the items (hell, every once and a while I rediscover a print-out from BC that Mal had done at work of the drop locations of the Judgement armor–where it is now, I have no clue, but we always get a good laugh out of it when we find it). And then I got to stare at our Paladins in Tier 4 (awful), and Tier 5 (even more awful). I honestly don’t remember the Tier 6 gear in our raids, I just knew that I was jealous of Paladins with their halos when all I had were eyeballs on my shoulders (the joys of being a hunter).

Anyway, having swapped mains (twice) since BC, I’ve always been wanting some of the specific Tier sets for my own RP purposes. Now, I don’t play on an RP realm, and it’s pretty much limited to me derping around in a major city (usually at the bank or something), but it’s me being me, so, I want the armor.

Well, with the announcement of Transmog, I immediately kicked into high gear to gather ALL THE SETS. And now my bank hates me so much. Between my normal gear sets (Holy, Holy PvP, Ret, Avoidance and misc. pieces that I swap around), my Transmog gear, my holiday stuff, and the fact that I’m an enchanter/JC? Let’s just say I can’t wait for void storage either…

Anway…let’s talk Transmog!

Finding the Transmog Building

The peons completed something! /cheer

Apparently this is the hardest part? People were so lost on the PTR that some made macros answering the “where’s the transmog building?” question. Either way, hit M and make sure you’re where the arrow is on the map pictured below:

It's right HERE!

If you aren’t there, then you aren’t at the Transmog building! That simple!

Once inside, you talk to the Transmog vendor and get a window that looks like this:

Before Transmog

And then you drag all the armor you’re replacing into those slots. They’ll get a sparkly purple border (as seen below) to let you know that you’re transmogging to that item. Watch your cash total up at the bottom (with weapon/shield it’s about 300G, at least it was for me), click Apply, and go check yourself out in your hot looking new/old gear!

After Transmog

Paladin Transmog Options

I’ll be honest, I’m rather lazy with regards to weapons/shields. Pretty much for me, the Bulwark of Azzinoth wins hands down, and when it finally drops for me (insert string of curse words here), I’ll be using it like it’s the last shield to ever exist. I’m a nutcase that loves swords, so, my goal is to always have a sword with me–I haven’t honestly explored much in the weapon options simply because (insert string of curse words here) I’m still looking for the Bulwark and armor right now. Weapons are sorta down my list of needs at this time. <.<

But, without further adieu, I give you my picks for Transmog (and all of these sets in some various form are shoved in my bank right now):

The Original Plate Skirt: Judgement (Tier 2)

If I didn’t start this list with Judgement, I’d probably get beat down by the greater WoW populous, so here it is!

Hands down a beautiful set, the original plate skirt for Paladins. If anyone has a weapon/shield pairing idea, stick it in the comments! I haven’t even thought a moment about it honestly!

(NOTE: I didn’t put a cloak into this outfit simply because male belfs in skirts is pretty epic–there’s a reason I have my cloak turned off with my T12… That being said, I won’t  be displaying cloak with this outfit, so you’re on your own for cloak finding. :>)

The Halo: Lightbringer (Tier 6)

The set I always dreamed of having (and now do!) was Lightbringer. I cared more about this set than I did Judgement, and I suspect that Tier 6 will be my go-to set for Transmog on Raz. I’m going to Transmog gear the way my old GM changed his hair style/color in Wrath (every raid it was different and we raided 4 nights a week…)!

I mean really! It’s got a HALO for christ’s sake! My current Twitter icon is based off of Tier 6, but the observant ones will notice that the halo is crooked on Raz’s head (much to his amusement and frustration)–this is a running joke about Raz not being a good Paladin (not in the sense of “wow, Miri sucks at being a prot” but as in “Raz is a jackass who doesn’t follow this ‘Light‘ nonsense”). So there you have it, a tiny look into Raz’s character development from an RP standpoint (lol).

Dark Sunwell

The dark Sunwell set was actually alerted to me by Rhidach on Twitter the day that the Transmog news hit the web! Since then, the set has really grown on me, and I’m currently finishing up gathering it for stockpiling. It will probably be something I’ll swap to for Prot when I get tired of being sparkly.

Dark, not really what you’d expect a Paladin to be wearing–but that makes me like it that much more!

Light Sunwell

And last but  not least, the light Sunwell set. This is definitely going to be my Holy gear transmog! It captures the purity and goodness of a Paladin (which really isn’t me OR Raz, but I like what it implies–proof that looks can be deceiving, at least when it comes to Raz and his personality) and the colors are pretty amazing.

I went with the purple cloak just to offset the light colors. Thank Rades for talking me into high contrast colors yesterday!

Getting to this point…

So this blog post has actually been weeks in the making, I’ve been just so damn slow at finding the time to piece it all together. Transmog is SRS BZNS, and apparently it results in me spending waaay too much time with the WoW Model Viewer and Photoshop, and results in some funny stuff, as I’ve shared below:

Cloaks, Round 1

And then there was Round 2, after feedback was gathered from Twitter!

Cloaks, Round 2

Which resulted in some humor for encroaching on cloaks that apparently a sassy mage wanted <.<

Raz is told NO (this is normal)

And then the final round of cloak evaluation:

Cloaks, Round 3

Once you realize that this was me evaluating cloaks just for the dark Sunwell armor, you can tell I needed something to do yesterday (no, not really, it was me avoiding work).

Transmog Resources

  • Icy Veins Cloak Transmog List – Great weapons list too, just start digging–they are updating almost daily with visual guides, which I adore because I want to look, not click!
  • The Visual Roleplay Gear List – Great breakdown of item sets and where to get them!
  • WoWHead Guides (lots of good stuff here, just start digging through the oodles of information that the WoWHead staff have been feverishly working to compile!

The one thing to remember about Transmog is that it can be as serious (like mine) or as funny as you want it to be. Enjoy!

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PTR Stuff, Raiding, This is REALLY a To-Do List…

October 2, 2011 1 comment

Mount Hyjal Healing (Untouched, raw file)

Yeayeayea…I’m still recovering from almost a week of being sick…during which the PTR hit, we downed Heroic Shannox, and I got my second binding for Thunderfury. It’s been a bit hellish and I’m trying to restore order to real life since it looks like a bomb went off at home. I actually had to be yelled at to make my own Friday night raid because I was so caught up with work and working with other raid teams on their Rag attempts.

Anyway, things to expect next week:

  • Transmog stuff – I may do a lame “here’s what I’m doing for Transmog,” the current costs, and info about the process on the PTR (find me as Razíel on Anasterian). (DONE, I finally finished this on 10/14 /flex)
  • Dungeon guides to the new 5-mans – so far the first one, End Time, is all that’s live, and it’s got some interesting mechanics. Loot is currently 378. (All the dungeons are up, I just haven’t had enough time to run them all yet)
  • Thunderfury completion in pictures – I’ve said I will sell myself on the streets of Org for my 4 final ingots–this could get interesting. (All ingots gathered, I am cringing at the thought of MC again)
  • I’ve been learning to Blood tank on my DK (tanked T11 on Friday night, somewhat sober)–so I’ll start making some pointers from a fail Blood DK perspective in the near future–I’m tanking Firelands alt runs now. O.O (YEA NO, I did it, I don’t plan on doing it again–it wasn’t bad in the least, it just wasn’t Paladin tanking, which I’m so familiar with. I’ll leave DK smarts to the Blood DKs)
  • Heroic Shannox, AKA “MIRI WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU IN BETH’S AREA”–a guide to ALL the things NOT to do on H. Shannox (holy hell does that range enrage HURT). (AT SOME POINT. I need a couple more kills before I even want to think about this fight again)
  • BlizzCon prep – yes, I am one of several who will be at BlizzCon in the coming weeks. If you want to stalk me, buy me drinks, etc, I’ll  have some info up on how to achieve this very weird and twisted fantasy. (DONE! And it’s got liquor stores included in it! Miri remembers the IMPORTANT STUFF)
  • Whatever else crosses my mind–I may also hit on H. Rhyolith as we worked on him some last week too! (Fuck Rhyo)

Enjoy the stupid picture of Raz in healing gear in Mount Hyjal from our OMG REP FARMING GIMME LOOT DAMNIT runs. Why I was healing, I don’t really know, but I was bored. REALLY REALLY BORED.

Also, Illidan can like…fall off a cliff or something–he still hasn’t produced my shield for Transmog purposes -.-

And now, I’m going to go pass out since I’ve had 2 cups of coffee and 4.5 hours of sleep. :c

The Beginnings of Transmorg

September 28, 2011 1 comment

Raz in T6 with Muramasa

I thought I’d just drop this here…I still don’t have the shield, and Muramasa isn’t my first pick for my weapon, but the outfit looks good!

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