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Miri’s Thoughts on the New Scroll of Resurrection

So today the changes to the Scroll of Resurrection were announced. If you didn’t know what the SoR was, basically it was a way to lure your friends back into WoW after they had quit for a period of time. You could issue them a scroll and they’d get some free play time. I’ll be honest, I’ve never used a SoR to bring a friend back to WoW. They’ve come back of their own volition, usually to see new content or try out the changes to their class. Maybe they like what they see and they choose to stay, maybe they don’t, or another game catches their eye, and they wander away from WoW again.

Friends who have quit did so because they were hardcore raiders and burned out, some needed to get finances in line. Some of them came back, some didn’t.

The New Scroll of Resurrection

Let’s take a look at what the new Scroll of Resurrection gives you:

Scroll of Resurrection (thanks MMO-Champ)

Not bad huh? A free upgrade to Cata, a boost of your character to level 80, a free realm transfer or faction swap to play with your friend who brought you back.

Not gonna lie, it’s tempting as heck! But tossing all these freebies at players who quit the game? Free Faction changes? That’s a $30 savings right there. A free server transfer? That’s another $25.

Not a bad deal in the least.

Miri’s “Get off my Lawn” Rant…

So here’s why this rubs me the wrong way. Every time we turn around, there’s a “bonus” associated with bringing someone to WoW. Whether it be a player who quit the game eons ago or a new player who wanted to experience the game.

Now players can play WoW free to lvl 20, the $20 purchase of Vanilla WoW nets you the Burning Crusade, and now you can come back and get boosted to lvl 80.

Not gonna lie, it’s better to be a new player (or a returning player) to WoW than it is to be a long-time subscriber.

And this bugs me!

Yep, that says February 2005.

The account that I play on each and every night hit it’s 7th anniversary last month. Over 7 years this game has been paid for. That’s Vanilla. That’s BC. That’s Wrath. That’s Cata. Every single expansion picked up. Let’s not mention that the account has every CE ever produced for those expansions tied to it as well.

I’d screenshot all the Feats of Strength I have on a character I no longer play, but it would take too long to piece together my WoW history in Photoshop. But if you want to take a gander, Mirina, my  hunter, was the character I focused on in BC. My original Vanilla hunter and rogue were deleted eons ago, and only my baby druid still remains.

Admittedly, I play WoW because I enjoy it. I’ve RaF’d myself twice simply to speed level alts and get the Zhevra mount (on characters, once again, that I don’t play anymore). I play because I like to raid, because I like to do things with friends, because I like to explore, work on achievements, and in general, immerse myself in the World of Warcraft.

And many will say “well, then you should be content with what you have. You have raids, and heroics, and all the content that’s designed for players at max level.” And that’s great. I, as a player, have that. But so does every other max level player who plays WoW.

You know what else I had? I had a time were I had to buy ammo before raids, and your rep and the raids you were working on determined if you had the best ammo in game. I had to carry my mounts around in my bags, and pets too! I had to do my dailies so I could afford to raid, because guilds didn’t have the ability to skim money off of my kills and deposit it; regifting it back to me as payment for repairs while we were learning fights. I had to pay each time I wanted to change my spec because we could have only one. I had to go tame pets for my higher level pet skills. I had to attune myself to the raids I was preparing to progress in. I could go on and on.Yes, things have gotten better. Yes, the game is much more friendly and open to new and returning players.

But what do I have to show for 7 years in the World of Warcraft? I have Feats of Strength that no one looks at. I have moments like I did in the previous paragraph, where I extol how WoW has changed. But within WoW, what do I have to show for it? Well, I have a couple pets that were there for years 4 and 5. And those are cool. But they don’t go with my character for various reasons. Maybe it clashes with my Transmog, maybe it’s just not something I want to pair with Raz because of his personality in game.

The Missing Link

Blizzard rewards players for coming back to WoW via the Scroll of Resurrection. Blizzard entices you with two-seater mounts to bring a friend to the game via Recruit a Friend. But there is nothing for the WoW Veterans.

This is a topic that has been batted around for years, with people coming up with various ideas. In fact, just last month a discussion was started by Mathew McCurley on WoW Insider asking what a WoW Veteran program would look like.

My favorite option is a token awarded for each year you’ve been an active subscriber. Everyone can earn tokens to spend on a pool of items–it will just take more time for the person who’s been subscribed for a year to achieve all the items that a 7 year subscriber to get. It’s an equal opportunity for all to walk away with something highlighting their time spent in Azeroth.

Or, you know, I would love a backpack upgrade.

  1. March 7, 2012 at 9:10 am

    I feel ya! This is kinda how I felt about the Annual Pass as well.

    I have been playing since soon after BC launched and my account has been active ever since except for a few days here or there after a credit card has expired once or twice. I have taken breaks from the game from time to time but have never suspended my sub. That’s what.. about 5 years?

    I would love to server xfer/faction change my 50ish pally from the bloodhoof server to where my main is.. and have him bumped to 80 to boot…

    Some battle.net credits that couold be used for faction changes, server transfers, pets, mounts.. etc based on your years would be really cool.

  2. March 7, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    Amen. Rift gave me more for three months’ subscription than WoW has for seven straight years.

    I like the token idea, or some sort of perk for each year you’ve been subscribed.

  3. March 7, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    Backpack uprgrade CAN WE GET A HELL YEAH!? Jeez 16 slots is SOOO vanilla!

    I’m with you, Miri. Rift has done a quasi-veteran reward system for it’s 6-month, 12-month and 18-month subscribers. You got a vanity armor item (one anniversary was a helm; another was shoulders. The model were from your faction’s city guard armor). And that was pretty nice!

    Blizzard’s Feat of Strength achievements for the anniversaries where you got the Baby Blizzard Bear etc seem to be that ‘veteran reward’ — but I’d argue that getting a pet seems very pale in comparison to a free level 80, free Cata, free game time, and all of that.

    I’ve been playing 5 years now. I have a shit ton of alts and some feats of strength. But without digging through my shaman’s achievements (which, like you said, no one will do) I don’t look any different than someone who’s just as progressed (since it’s easier now) but started at Cata release.


  4. Pardoz
    March 7, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    “But there is nothing for the WoW Veterans.”

    Well, no. They’re pretty confident you’re hooked and won’t be quitting any time soon whether they throw you a bone or not, so why should they bother when there are millions of ex-players out there they can try to entice back with shinies?

  5. Nathan
    March 11, 2012 at 7:07 am

    Blizz want vets to play because they enjoy it, the exact same reason they think someone who comes back to wow will stay once they see what they are missing. The key to free lvl 80, free cata and free game time is that without that it would take a returning player so long to see what they are missing they would quit again before getting hooked.

    It amazes me that vet players do not realise the entire concept of wow expansions. On the day of release existing gear,rep, profession skills etc go from useful to useless – they have to for two reasons. 1 – So you have something to do, getting back to where you were. 2 – To level the playing field, if good players get too far ahead it both creates more work for blizz and puts off slower players (both types of players pay so blizz don’t want to lose either)

    Its worse than having nothing to show for 7 years, you have paid blizz to take what took you time and you thought was impressive and make it worthless. I Have 12 max level toons (one who raids, one who pvps the rest run LFR because its 2 hours pourer week and I can play 3 toons at once its so easy)

  1. April 11, 2012 at 2:13 pm

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