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Dragon Soul Tanking – 10M Warlord Zon’ozz

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Warlord Zon'ozz

Countless ages ago, Warlord Zon’ozz and his soldiers waged endless war against the forces of C’Thun and Yogg-Saron. Millennia have passed, but the warlord still serves the chaotic might of the Old God N’Zoth. Deathwing has now unleashed this legendary faceless one to crush the defenders of Wyrmrest Temple. ~Dungeon Journal

Warlord Zon’ozz was the biggest PITA at the launch of Dragon Soul. The orb he spawns would bounce off just about everything. Or so it seemed. It could have also been people not moving when they were told to. Anyway. Much rage was had over Zon’ozz and I finally now feel like I can do a legitimate post on him without putting myself into an incoherent rage.

The fight is comprised of 2 phases that alternate. Phase 1 lasts as long as the raid chooses to let it, and Phase 2 has a set length before Zon’ozz reverts back to phase 1. Zon’ozz is a solo tank fight, due to one of his mechanics (explained below).


Phase 1, also known as Pong, requires your raid team to separate into 2 teams and act as the “paddles” in pong to bounce a summoned orb between the groups.

During Phase 1, the following abilities are in play:

  • Focused Anger (tank) Physical – Focused Anger is a stacking buff that Zon’ozz gains every 6 seconds, causing him to deal 10% increased physical damage and increases his attack speed by 10%. The higher the stacks go, the more damage the tank takes.
  • Psychic Drain (tank/healers) Shadow – a 30° frontal cone that hits whomever is standing in front of the mob with 120K shadow damage every 20 seconds. Psychic Drain also heals Zon’ozz for 10 times the amount of damage he deals with the spell. Your raid will need to be very aware  of their positioning and the heal is why you solo tank this fight. No need to heal the boss for any more than you have to!
  • Disrupting Shadows (healers/DPS) Shadow – A DoT that is cast on 3 members of the raid team (never the tank) that must be dispelled before it kills it’s target. The challenge: the DoT deals 30K damage every 2 seconds (for up to 20 seconds) and when dispelled deals another 60K to the target. In addition, the dispelled target is knocked back. Healers will need to make sure health pools are above 60K before dispelling, and DPS will need to make sure that the knock back won’t send them flying into the Void of the Unmaking.

While your tank is trying to use CDs, and the healers are trying to dispell and keep the tank alive, the DPS are playing a fun game of ball bouncing.

We usually choose to put 2 healers with the melee group. One to focus on the tank and another to dispell and heal the melee group. A third healer remains with the ranged group and has full responsibility for that team.

It it worth noting that the  orb has a 5 second ICD that it can’t be bounced. This will lead to situations where the ball will pass through the melee and (usually) 1-shot the tank. An easy check to determine if your ranged and melee groups can be done as such: If the ranged healer can heal the tank, the groups are too close.

When the orb is bounced, Void Diffusion occurs, which deals 180K shadow damage evenly amongst the team that bounces it. This fight is a good reason as to why you should bring an even spread of melee and ranged–you need at least 3 to reduce the damage split down to 60K a player for the ranged group.

Zon’ozz has a chance to spawn an orb roughly every 90 seconds. The 2nd phase of the fight lasts approximately 30 seconds, so your raid team will have to plan accordingly on how many times your team will bounce the orb before triggering Phase 2.

Black Blood of Go’rath – AKA, the pre-Ultraxion PC test

Phase 2 begins when Zon’ozz absorbs the orb that the DPS team has been dutifully bouncing between the melee and ranged. The orb will reset all stacks of Focused Anger and Zon’ozz will take increased damage from the raid for 30 seconds. The amount of damage Zon’ozz takes is dictated by the number of times the raid bounced the orb. For each bounce, Zon’ozz takes an additional 5% damage (we choose to bounce the orb 5 times each phase 1, which means Zon’ozz will take 25% more damage when we enter phase 2).

Over the course of the phase, Zon’ozz will cast Black Blood of Go’rath, which causes about 14K damage to each raider every second for 30 seconds (so go for a group hug and stack on Zon’ozz’s butt!). This phase is a great time to use CDs like PW:B, raidwall, AM, Tranq, and AMZ. Depending on your raid makeup, you may be able to use 1-2 CDs a phase. Also save Bloodlust for a black blood phase so you can do faster (and more) damage!

After 30 seconds, Zon’ozz reverts to phase 1 and you rinse and repeat until he dies!

Paladin Pointers

  • CDs are your friends, but save them as stacks of Focused Anger ramp up as the orb is bounced. I usually try to chain my CDs off of Psychic Drain, trying to mitigate as much of the shadow damage as I can.
  • Another fight where you can make use of Mirror of Broken Images. If you don’t have this trinket after it being a god for 3 tiers, I’m gonna smack you.
  • If you are bored for the 15 seconds between the orb absorption and half of the Black Blood of Go’rath phase, you can Holy Radiance. It’s pitiful, but it’s something to do while you’re not getting melee’d.

Glyphing Thoughts

These are my picks, YMMV.

Final option is a bit flexible, depending on your gearing and raid. My thoughts:

  • Crusader Strike: Valid for fact that fight is a single mob fight. Increased crit results in more damage and a slightly faster boss death.
  • Word of Glory: Situational at best–depends on how much faith you have in your healers =) It’s helpful if your healers are juggling dispells or DPS that don’t stack and are requiring extra healing.
  • Judgement: Totally dependent on if you have the 2pc T13 bonus which grants you an absorb shield each time you judge. Basically you get a larger absorb, which helps to reduce healing required, but I haven’t looked to see how much of a bonus you get. Probably not worth it in the long run, but every little bit helps.

Pick whichever one you feel most comfortable with! I typically glyph for threat over survivability, but it’s personal preference.

My logic: Focused Shield because it’s a single mob fight. Lay on Hands for the shorter duration (survivability again, but there’s really nothing stopping you from having a shorter CD on this “save your ass” spell). Divine Protection for the magic damage reduction.

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