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Dragon Soul Tanking – 10M Morchok

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The most powerful elemental still under Deathwing’s sway, Morchok–once a passive guardian–is now convinced that his only respite will come with Azeroth’s demise. Morchok rages against the foundation of Wyrmrest Temple, Azeroth’s last beacon of hope in the Hour of Twilight. ~Dungeon Journal

Morchok is the easiest fight you’ll encounter in Dragon Soul. The fight requires awareness, but is pretty forgiving in regards to execution. The fight is basically 2 phases and as long as you can survive those, you’ve discovered your BC “Lootreaver” replacement.

Phase 1 – Crystals

There are 3 abilities in play during Phase 1:

Crush Armor is a stacking debuff that your tanks will need to be aware of to coordinate the timing of taunts on. It stacks up to 10 times and each time it is applied it reduces the armor of Morchok’s target by 10%.

Stomp (think Rhyolith here) is an AoE attack that deals 750K  to all players in a 25-yard radius. The damage is shared between all players, BUT, the 2 players closest to Morchok (this should be your tanks) take double damage. Morchok will stomp every 10-15 seconds, so it is wise to be stacked in a general location within the 25-yard radius so your healers can pump out some AoE healing before the next Stomp lands.

The Resonating Crystal is an awareness check. If you get linked (you’ll see a wavy yellow line between yourself and the crystal), your responsibility is to move to the crystal until your link turns green and then to eat the crystal explosion, which happens 12 seconds after being linked. The closer you are to the crystal, the less damage you take from the explosion. Three players will be targeted and no one is immune to being selected–it can be healers, melee, or ranged.

In general, Phase 1 is very simple and shouldn’t be an issue for any raid. I would recommend marking the map with a stack point for AoE healing during Stomps, but otherwise, be aware!

Phase 2 – Black Blood

After the third Resonating Crystal explosion, Morchok is pushed into Phase 2, the Black Blood phase. Once again, he has 3 abilities that the raid needs to have awareness of:

You’ll know you’ve entered the Black Blood phase of the fight when you’re sucked up under Morchok’s gigantic feet and start taking a good amount of of damage (5% of your health every second for 5 seconds, so 25% of your health). As soon as you become unstunned, the raid needs to run and hide behind the Falling Fragments. Morchok will channel the spell for 5 seconds, which he begins channeling as soon as he’s done pulling the raid to him. The fragments do deal damage if you are standing next to the fragment spawn location (15K), but it’s minimal and easily healed through when you are in position behind the pillars.

Running behind the fragments enables you to protect yourself from the Black Blood of the Earth. Morchok channels the spell for 24 seconds and the blood applies a debuff to anyone standing in it (1 stack per second that does 5K nature damage per stack). As soon as you step out of the blood, the debuff falls off. Healers will be tossing out heals to heal the raid up from the Earthen Vortex during this time, so make friends with a healer and grab some AoE heals.

It is worth noting that ranged DPS can continue to attack Morchok while they are hiding from Black Blood!

Once 24 seconds have passed, the boss reverts to Phase 1 and you repeat the phases until he dies.

The Soft Enrage

At 20%, Morchok will soft enrage, gaining the buff Furious, which enables him to attack 30% faster and 20% harder. This is a wise time to use Bloodlust as long as the raid is in the Phase 1 setup. If you hit the soft enrage during Phase 2, save Bloodlust until you are back in Phase 1 positioning and blow him up.

Paladin Pointers

  • Crush Armor is a physical debuff. Make sure you’ve unglyphed Divine Protection so you can get the damage reduction again.
  • Stomp is also physical. I choose to raidwall though as many of them as I can. This becomes easier to do when you have a 4pc set bonus (reduces CD on Divine Guardian by 1 minute).
  • After Earthen Vortex is cast and you’ve moved behind a Falling Fragment, help out your healers with your pitiful Holy Radiance to help heal anyone stacked with you (since the raid just took 25% of their health as damage).
  • When Black Blood of the Earth is cast, sob that you’re not a DK with Anti-Magic Shell and wait for the cast to end before running back in.
  • Save some CDs for when Morchok goes Furious. You’ll be taking a significant amount of damage and should able to chain CDs to help reduce the hits you’re taking.

Glyphing Thoughts

These are my picks, YMMV.

Final option is a bit flexible, depending on your gearing and raid. My thoughts:

  • Crusader Strike: Valid for fact that fight is a single mob fight. Increased crit results in more damage and a slightly faster boss death.
  • Word of Glory: Situational at best. If a larger WoG is going to keep you from dying, I’d probably revisit your healer team first. WoG I could see being part of a survivability package for Heroic Morchok, but on normal mode, I’d probably skip this glyph.
  • Judgement: Totally dependent on if you have the 2pc T13 bonus which grants you an absorb shield each time you judge. Basically you get a larger absorb, which helps to reduce healing required, but I haven’t looked to see how much of a bonus you get. Probably not worth it in the long run, but every little bit helps.

Pick whichever one you feel most comfortable with!

Some odd picks, but you really don’t have much to work with. Focused Shield because it’s a single mob fight. Lay on Hands for the shorter duration (survivability again, but there’s really nothing stopping you from having a shorter CD on this “save your ass” spell). Ascetic Crusader because the other options suck IMO.

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