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4.3 – Prot Paladin Gear Review with CTC Calculations

Yea, you got a gear guide AFTER I killed Deathwing, so sue me >.>

Since I’m now back to being a full time Prot Paladin, I figured it would be a good time to get down into the weeds with the new gear that appeared with Dragon Soul. The primary driver for this was a discussion that I had with Rhidach this morning–I was roughly trying to determine which slot of Tier I would take offset in order to maximize CTC coverage but still maintain a 4pc set for the super sexy bonus. We tossed ideas back and forth over Twitter before I said “I’ll run the numbers and see what I come up with.” What you are seeing here is my end result.

4.3 Protection Paladin CTC Gearing

I’m posting my planned gear list here, with some stipulations:

  • All data has been reviewed without gems or enchants
  • All threat stats are reforged into an expected Avoidance/Mitigation stat
  • Assumption that the player will reforge the higher Avoidance stat into Mitigation (if none is on the gear)
  • For gear selections, I focused on the 397 ilvl loot from the raid–it’s just easier to balance around those figures
  • All data was run through Rhidach’s CTC Calculation Spreadsheet (enclosed as a second tab in my calculations spreadsheet)
  • I zero’d out character Dodge and Parry (set both fields to .1 to accomplish this) to pull the “Generalized CTC” numbers
  • Red highlights are my recommended picks
  • Lined out items aren’t worth a player’s time, but are included for general comparison
  • A secondary column of Raz’s CTC values are included–orange in his column is what I currently have equipped

So let’s get started!

4.3 Prot Paladin Gearing by CTC

It is worth noting that my expectation is that a Prot Paladin will be collecting 4 pieces of Tier to activate the set bonus and my list below will include those 4 pieces.

So why would I select a DPS ring over the Valor point ring? The Signet of the Resolute, out of the box, only totaled 2.33% CTC versus the 3.00% that the Curled Twilight Claw supplies. Even reforging and gemming the ring with a pure Mastery gem resulted in a CTC value of 2.89%. I determined that if I could still gain a greater CTC with a DPS ring, that it was worth the effort.

But the Hands and Shoulders are Shitty…

In the long run, they aren’t. I know that there’s been a lot of discussion about which Tier piece Prot Paladins would toss to the curb, but the numbers didn’t lie. The Valor Point hands, Gauntlets of Feathery Blows, while better than the LFR token, still aren’t as good as the 397 gloves that I based my analysis around. While the Tier hands have both Dodge and Hit on them, they still are a better choice than your only other option with the Valor gloves.

The shoulders were a bit more tricky. The Brackenshell Shoulderplates are very  nice, and I happen to have a pair sitting in my bags right now. While they provide more CTC than their Tier counterpart (.77% more CTC), they didn’t come close to the CTC that the crafted legs provide. The Foundations of Courage are a whopping 1.79% higher CTC than the Tier legs, making these the best replacement option.

A Reminder about Gemming…

Once you hit CTC cap, your first goal is to swap one of your trinkets out for a stam trinket. You could eventually push for two stamina trinkets, but our trinket options for this tier are pretty shitty. You might as well take the free Mastery that you get on the Fire of the Deep and shift your gemming around.

In case you haven’t ventured over to EJ and seen the CTC calculation depiction, I’ll share it here:

At this point in the game, Paladins should be trying to shed mastery and consider moving from a Mitigation mindset into an Avoidance mindset. You’ll see this become more prevalent as you work to shed Mastery from your gear and gemming.

At this point, your gemming should be somewhat along this line:

You’ll notice that none of those gems have Mastery on them–this is your eventual goal! You’ll want to pick up your Mastery from your enchants and gear stats and be less reliant on your raid consumables and gems to help you reach cap.

Happy gearing!

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