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Happy New Year, <3 Miri

So in some ways it feels weird to title this post as such, and that will come up in the next blog post to follow, BUT, I want to get the post I planned to write yesterday up with the amusing SSs that I had.

It was a slow night in guild, so we were derpin’ about (basically I told everyone to shove it regarding me running LFD with them and I was farming satchels on Raz) and the weekend had unfolded as such:

Guild Fun

Lofaz and I ran LFR together last week since he hadn’t done his runs–and even though I was saved (on ALL my characters), I went along for the fun. Rades decided to brave us and come along for the ride and got to see some of our guild antics.

You Jelly?

The 95% is in reference to Lofaz staying Blood on Hagara, which I usually tank. He said he was going to make me work for my threat on the fight (and he did)!


Mal was teasing me with the damn Friday song while I was getting coffee and it got stuck in my head. It was only fair to seed it into fellow guildies brains when Kith said it was stuck in her head…

Gotta Get Down...

The reactions of the rest of the guild were what made me chuckle!

Miri in LFD

I am prone to getting tweaky in LFR simply  because it’s a large collection of people that you have to survive for a period of time and one person can’t “save the day” in there.

But in LFD, I’m pretty damn patient and amusing to other players.

Some SSs of Raz’s ego stroking on the 31st:

Halls of Origination...I still hate you

The healer in this run actually wanted to become my RealID friend. Maybe when BattleTags go live…

Don't Fuck with Prot Paladin DPS...

Lost City is fun with a lot of AoE >.>

And the rest of that run is here:

The hunter loved me...


Yea…it was…interesting.

And one more:

Moar Prot Deeps...

Throne of the Tides is also…interesting. I have to usually remind people that I greatly out-gear the instance and thus my numbers are huge.


Ursal calls me Needy. This should make raids even MORE fun now 😉


I had to come up with a smart-assed response…

The Straw that Broke the Camel’s  Back

This one sorta speaks for itself…

I have impeccable timing...

New Years

In my typical fashion, I had to wish my fellow guild mates a Happy New Year:

I'm so eloquent...

Raz and Ursal watching the Fireworks in Org

And then Ursal and Raz taking in the fireworks on the roof of Grommash Hold (and also celebrating Ursal’s birthday!)!

More to come in the New Year!


  1. aralosseien
    January 3, 2012 at 11:17 am

    Happy New Year, Miri! 🙂

  2. January 3, 2012 at 2:18 pm

    Happy New Year! We need to head in and destroy LFR more often.

    • January 3, 2012 at 3:45 pm

      Agreed! I’m doing our guild run tonight at 11p EST (so 8p your time). If we don’t have more than 5, I’ll hit you up!

      I really wish they’d release the limit on RealID grouping so you can take 20 people in if you want…this artificial limit sorta sucks =\

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