A Quick Update…

A Thinkin' Spot...

I’ve been fairly current with posts lately (minus boss strats, but an explanation is coming), so a quick update post seems odd, but it’s needed as more of an informational gesture.

A couple months ago I made the transition from main tanking to healing–it was an awkward transition with more self-discovery than anything. Not saying that I can’t heal, but my healing skills are mediocre in comparison to my tanking. In all honesty, I only healed in raids (I healed LFR once and a couple 5s) and in PvP. I prefer having control over a situation, and I can do that much better as a tank.

So on the side I was getting my Tankadin fixes via LFR and 5s with guildies–and I even got to spend a couple weeks doing it in raids due to the holidays! In fact, I was blessed with the ability to tank our first Deathwing kill.

Little did I know that the sands of time were falling through the hourglass, and that the guild’s downing of Deathwing was closure for some members of our team…

I was unprepared for the message that greeted me yesterday afternoon. I was speechless as I sat and read the text explaining the impending upheaval of our raiding core.

And then there was guilt.

If I hadn’t killed Deathwing, maybe I could have extended my time with someone who is near and dear to my heart.

And then there was realization.

We all play WoW to have fun, to relax, to make new friends, to kill new bosses, and to maybe discover a little bit more about ourselves. And at some point, reality strikes and we have to leave our little cocoon and go out into the real world. We grow as people–we age, we get married, we have families, we change jobs, we move on.

I can be selfish and think of myself and think what I shared with you: “what if we didn’t get that kill?” Or I can applaud our team with their ability to succeed where many can’t, thank specific players for their leadership and their mentoring. And wish them the best as they start the next journey of their life.

Childish me would have been selfish. But looking back on my history in WoW since BC, I’ve matured. And there is sobriety in the realization that I’ve been playing WoW since 2006 and I’ve been raiding almost 5 years. I’ve been raiding longer than I was in college for a degree. As a leader, I understand burnout, I understand priority shifts, I understand life.

So instead I thank those who have bestowed upon me the opportunities to grow and develop myself in this virtual world.

And I realize I have some big shoes to fill.

But I’m excited.

The holiday season took and it gave. It took a mentor who I have been blessed to be able to bounce ideas off of and see in action. And it gave; starting tonight, I take his place in our raids.

Thank you Rhi; thank you our officers of ES, for having faith that I can step up to the plate and continue to bring success to the guild and it’s members–resuming the role that I know and love best: Tanking.

This Should Look Familiar...

My dear readers, I will be resuming a more focused path on this with with regards to tanking and tankadin raid capabilities, while also paring back down to a 10-man sized raid team. I will be revisiting the 2 Dragon Soul boss strat guides that I’ve posted to shape them into 10-man focused notes, and will soon be following with the 6 remaining guides in the weeks to come.

Thank you and best wishes–from the bottom of my heart.


  1. jorge
    January 3, 2012 at 1:28 pm

    Hey Miri, I really understand what you are saying and like to express that you have my support in this path you are taking. I am glad this past year granted you the perspective to see things in a different light. Not many get that luxury. If ever you need someone to prattle with I am here for you.
    Hugs always, _kumineko

  2. January 3, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    Good luck!

  3. aralosseien
    January 3, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    I’m glad that you get to return to what you love and I hope that the good times you had with the new guild continue despite the changes ahead 🙂

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