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Dragon Soul General Strategy – Yor’sahj the Unsleeping

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Yor'sahj the Unsleeping

Since the fall of the Bastion of Twilight, Yor’sahj the Unsleeping has eagerly assisted Deathwing, providing the Destroyer with the means to release more faceless ones from their prisons deep beneath the earth. Their numbers are endless and their power is beyond reckoning, and Yor’sahj intends to reap a grim reward for his faithful service. ~Dungeon Journal

Yor’sahj, while a simplistic fight in regards to mechanics, is all about quick thinking and solid executing by the involved parties.

Let’s discuss what Yor’sahj will do before we look at the oozes do.



The boss itself is not complex for a tank team to deal with. Yor’sahj only has one ability, Void Bolt. Simplistic enough on the ability count list, the Void Bolt does a significant amount of damage and is cast at an irregular rate while applying a shadow damage DoT to the tank currently at the top of his threat list. The DoT ticks for roughly 30K damage (5K in 10s) every 2 seconds, so the tanks need to swap roughly every 4 stacks (10s don’t need to perform a tank swap).

Yor’sahj also has a melee ability that he uses every 2.5 seconds on the tank which deals some damage as well.

Every 75 seconds, Yor’sahj will summon three oozes into play. Since Yor’sahj is not attacking a tank during the summons, a tank can logistically drop their stacks of the Void Bolt DoT and continue to tank him once the summon is finished. Yor’sahj can still continue to be attacked while he is summoning, so make sure that your ranged are making good use of the time getting to the oozes by doing additional DPS.

The goal of the DPS is to burn the ooze identified by the Raid Leader, which will cancel out Yor’sahj receiving that buff. The remaining oozes become immune and will be absorbed by Yor’sahj and distributed back out onto the raid.

Oozes – Taste the Rainbow!

  • Shadowed Globule (Purple) – The Shadowed Globule applies Deep Corruption, which causes a large amount of Shadow Damage on the raid (55K) for each fifth heal or absorb that a player receives. Should you not choose to kill the Shadowed Globule, you’ll want to put a healer with large heals on the tank currently tanking Yor’sahj in order to reduce the amount of healing spells that are output. Other healers should be assigned to heal the raid if the other color combinations are green (Acidic) or red (Crimson), but your goal is to do as little healing as possible with the Shadowed Globule out.
  • Acidic Globule (Green) – The Acidic Globule applies Digestive Acid, which causes damage (60K in both 10 and 25) to a random member of the raid and all players within 4 yards of them. This ooze is the only one which will cause the raid to spread instead of stack.
  • Glowing Globule (Yellow) – The Glowing Globule applies the Glowing Blood of Shu’ma, which allows Yor’sahj to attach your tank 50% faster and casts Void Bolt twice as often. The Glowing Globule also results in the Void Bolt having an AoE effect that hits everyone the raid while the DoT is still applied to the tank. The raid is expected to stack and soak the AoE healing that the healers will put out. Tanks will need to be aware that stacks are applied at a quickly increasing rate and should be ready to use CDs and taunt on a much quicker basis.
  • Dark Globule (Black) – The Dark Globule spawns a large number of Forgotten Ones which fixate on random raid members and cast Psychic Slice for 35K damage. The raid should quickly stack in preparation for large amounts of AoE to kill the adds and heal the raid.
  • Crimson Globule (Red) – The Crimson Globule applies Searing Blood, which looks a lot like a fiery chain heal (our shaman all want this ability). The spell jumps between 8 players in 25s (3 in 10s) and the damage increases the further out from the boss that the raid member is standing. The raid is expected to stack on the boss and continue to DPS until Yor’sahj loses the buff.
  • Cobalt Globule (Blue) – The bane of the casters, the Cobalt Globule spawns a Mana Void which drains the mana pool of all your casters/healers. Once all mana pools are drained, casters can resume regenerating their mana slowly and resume casting. When the Mana Void dies, the mana is distributed evenly to all casters within 30 yards of it’s death location. When the Mana Void spawns, all DPS want to switch to it so that the healers can resume healing the tanks and the casters can resume DPS on the boss.

The TLDR stack vs. spread of the globules can be found here:

  • Stack – Shadowed, Glowing, Dark, Crimson, Cobalt
  • Spread – Acidic

ES ooze kill order:

  • Purple > Green > Yellow

This fight simply repeats until the boss dies!

Paladin Pointers

  1. December 11, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    I really enjoyed reading both of your new boss guides from a paladin perspective! Thanks for the infos!

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