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4.3 – Miri’s Thoughts on Healing, Tanking, and General Derp

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Nighttime Wanderings with Kirian

So 4.3 dropped last week and I’ve been running around like a crazy person trying to see as much of it as I can! My summary of my experience so far with the 4.3 content is below!

On the Paladin Healing Changes…

With the launch of 4.3, I decided to once again change up my healing style. Mastery based healing is fun and a very solid healing style for 25s, but I felt very uncomfortable with the low amount of haste that I was carrying, and the realization that I wouldn’t be able to push fast heals in 5s and 10s should I ever end up healing in smaller groups. I was very intrigued with the changes to Holy Radiance, so I wanted to play with a more raid-healing specialized build and step away from tank-focused healing. Part of my willingness to make the change so quickly was due to the fact that we were running 3 tank-focused healers in our 6-man healing team. We have a mastery built Holy Paladin already, along with a Disc Priest. Part of me felt like I wasn’t making any ground with the healing style in Firelands; my output sucked and honestly I was at the point where I was going to throw in the towel on healing  in general. I don’t like feeling like I’m failing at something–especially something that I did full time in raids in Wrath. It was like all my skills with healing went out the window–lots of restless nights trying to figure out how the hell I could improve, a lot of angry moments where I’d just storm off in frustration. Deep down, I realize I’m not a healer–my passion is with tanking, but I do enjoy the healing team I run with, so I was willing to make it work, somehow; and for the time being, I’ll make it work because it’s how I’ll get to progress through Dragon Soul.

You want me to heal what?

Respecc’ing and regemming quickly after realms came up, I dumped myself into the new heroics with guildies and it felt better, in fact, it felt like I actually could output some healing! Healing the new heroics is still a bit of a challenge as a Holy Paladin (I’ve also healed them on a healer I didn’t feel confident healing ZA/ZG on and decided that Paladin healing in the heroics is probably the most difficult out of all of the healing classes), but definitely doable. I went into raid that night, knowing that Dragon Soul has a large quotient of raid damage, and even more interested to try out Holy Radiance. Let me say that healing with Holy Radiance and Light of Dawn is rather fun! I felt like I could push out solid AoE healing and be competitive with it! I’m very interested to see what I can do when I’m not splitting my time between a tank and the raid (which I was doing in raid last week due to us only having 1 tank healer, our Disc priest, available). We’re in the same situation this week (our other holy Paladin is sunning himself on the beaches of Costa Rica still *frown*), so I probably won’t get to really get into a raid healing mindset until the following week.

Anyway, I’m enjoying the hell out of raid healing again–even though it seems very wrong as a Paladin.

To the Ground…Or Not?!?

For once Prot Paladins were untouched! We got some buffs via the Retribution changes this patch, but our Mastery drug habit was left untouched. I’m going to step into LFR as a tank today–we’ll see how that goes (I will either perform as well as I expect to, or I’ll have derptastic healers and this will be a cluster)… LFR and the 5s are really my only chance to tank this patch, so I better get it in when I can!

The 5 Mans

The new 5 mans are fun dungeons, but I’m getting slightly frustrated about some of the loot drops (looking at you tanking helm in Well and tanking AND healing waists out of End Time). As a tank you need to be proactive about using CDs–some of the trash hits pretty damn hard (especially the trash right before the final boss in End Time). I think the boss fights are unique and interesting–the RP gets old and I’m REALLY tired of the Mannoroth fight after the…9th time? We got to the point where we just started doing achievements to make the fights more interesting.

Dragon Soul

Enveloping Shadows managed to 1-shot two of the three bosses on our first raid night in Dragon Soul. Morchok was a joke and Skittles was a 2 minute explanation and a successful pull. Zon’ozz was a bit of a bitch honestly in 25. The damage seems a bit high and we were having issues with the orb hitting pets, T12 set bonuses that spawn bonus things that DPS, and totems, just to name a few. We also apparently had some scenarios where the orb went through the boss and bounced off our tank, Rhidach, one-shotting him, much to his frustration. Two hours later, Zon’ozz fell and we cleaned up Skittles quickly before wrapping for the night. Hargara was another fun fight–it took us just a couple attempts to master the fight and figure out frost tomb placement. We moved quickly onto Ultraxion and we’ll have that fight in the bag this week–the downside of the Ultraxion fight is the ease at which you can tunnel vision on the fight (and the ease at which Recount can push your PC to 1FPS due to the massive amount of healing being recorded), and how quickly you can discover how hard it is for people to click a button. Our best attempt had Ultraxion with 2.4M health left, 1%! If I hadn’t tunnel visioned and if another could learn how to click, we would have had the fight on Wednesday.

Either way, 4/8 in the first week of raiding is impressive! We have a great raid team and I know we’ll be kicking Deathwing‘s ass here soon!


So LFD is Looking For Derp in my mind. LFR is quite frankly Looking for Retards. I haven’t had a good experience in there yet (we’ve cleared all the bosses without much  issue, but the griefing and the general stupidity is annoying as hell). Sadness is when your tanks, fully raid buffed, are scraping by with 20K more health than you do in your healing gear, don’t know the fight mechanics, and eat (and die to) avoidable damage, and then have the balls to bitch about lack of healing. Yes, I am that asshole in LFR who is going to point out that I’ve yelled in /ra 5 times to NOT EAT FOCUSED ASSAULT.

In some ways, I really do miss the fact that raiding was reserved for the players who were willing to put in the time and effort to learn the fights, get the gear, etc. Blizzard’s current mindset is to make the content available to all players, but let’s be honest, not everyone is qualified. That’s like saying “well, just because you ask if you want fries with that, you should still be able to be a lawyer just so you can experience it.” Yea no. I could go down a huge rat hole here, but I’m going to save that for another post.

Raz and Kirian in their PvP gear


Okay, Season 11 Paladin? It is the sex. That’s all that there is to say on this topic. Also, PvP is fun when it’s with a certain Mage >.>

Darkmoon Faire

So far, it’s fun–I got the party late (I just started ticket collecting last night), but I’ve been able to score some easy achievement points and have fun with guildies! I also managed to get the bulls eye achievement on my 2nd attempt (and I wasn’t even trying for it)! DMF is going to be more pets and…I don’t know what else? I haven’t really paid much attention to what all I can get from it–I’m more interested in capping my guild rep each week >.>


This will be my money sink I suspect. I finally got my last piece of Dark Sunwell. Now I just need to get the boots and cloak crafted and I should be set for …well, something. I’m currently using Tier 6 for both Prot and Holy (I’m still missing 1 piece of Light Sunwell), but I’ll be transmogging over to Light Sunwell for healing as soon as I get the chest piece!

I decided to transmog my PvP gear into my Tier 12 healing gear for grins. My original goal was to use it to mind fuck people into thinking I’m an easy kill target–I transmogged everything that was visible, minus my PvP weapon because I don’t have a PvE mace from Firelands to use. My health pool in my PvP gear is actually slightly smaller than my health in my healing gear, but it’s not overtly noticeable. Tier 12 was my choice for a couple reasons: 1/ Raz looks good in a dress, and 2/ it’s still recent enough content that people would see it in a BG and possibly suspect that I was truly in PvE gear in a battleground. Apparently some people DID buy that and tried to whittle away at me, only to discover that I do have over 3300 Resil, so I’m not going to die as easily as they planned! Once I get my hands on Season 11 gear though, I’ll be wearing that–I’m in a weird mix of Season 10 Honor and Conquest gear, so I’m not coordinating t0o well.

In Conclusion

I’m having a ton of fun so far this patch and getting to spend a lot of time getting to know my new guildies, perfect my healing skills and be able to find comfort in tanking. At some point I may do boss walk-throughs of Dragon Soul, but 25-man raiding is such a small community that I’m not sure if anyone beyond our guild would find use with it =\ If you’re a 25-man raider and want me to publish strat guides, please let me know! Otherwise I’ll probably just stick with little posts about boss kills.

Nice Skeleton Stack - Learning Ultraxion

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