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AU Your WoW Character – Raz

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This will make sense shortly...

So, I guess I should take a swing at my own meme, yes?

Let me start this off with a preface: there is actually a good amount of character development that has been done on Raz–it’s known to a small subset of people who I talk to outside of WoW (AIM/email/etc.). That being said, they will understand a lot of the information I’m posting below and the logic behind why the answers are what they are. For those who aren’t “in the know,” I’m going to try to add in some additional explanation so stuff won’t seem totally out of left field. I’ve kept the RP stuff off my blog so far, but I may include some of my character notes and whatnot on a separate page here on the blog–not sure yet. The people who “need to know” well…know! And if they don’t know, they inquire and I do the requisite development and send it over. Not sure if I want to bare that much of myself to the greater world yet though ūüôā

So here we go!

General Character Factoids
  • Character Name: Raziel, usually shortened to Raz in some company.
  • Age: In current world, Raz is in his early 30s–it’s difficult to translate his WoW age (which I’ve set at around 75–he’s not a child according to Blood Elf life span, but he is fairly young as an adult) into a human age without him coming out to be like…18.
  • Sexuality: Yes!
  • Hobbies: International travel, car racing (think F1/GT/etc.), technology (the running joke is that he’d be playing Angry Birds on his iPhone when he’s not drumming on his desk with a pencil or ignoring someone)
  • Financials: This is going to take some back story…in WoW, Raz’s family background left him fairly well off–they were financially sound, if not very wealthy residents of Silvermoon. With the destruction of the Sunwell, the money obviously moved into his possession. He lives well, but doesn’t flaunt his financial status. He was pushed into the Blood Knights by his parents, who wanted him to do something with his life instead of living a fairly indulgent lifestyle. If he could “avoid” working, he would, but I suspect he does it more to stay on the go than for anything else. In the AU setup, he’s most likely a¬†successful¬†self-made¬†millionaire–a combination of old and new money.
  • Work Background: Originally I tried to tie Raz back into his WoW professions (jewelcrafting & enchanting), but it just didn’t work. I couldn’t see him being a jeweler–he likes sparkly things, but probably not making them himself. I pondered what Raz would do then–I figured he would be fairly technically proficient but probably wouldn’t have the patience for something like programming–he can’t really stay still, so sitting for an extended period of time would probably make him incredibly antsy. I figure he’s in sales in a start-up, most likely his own. A start-up works well with his personality, something he can expend a lot of energy on for a short time frame, and then move on to something else without having to settle. He can work as much and as long as he wants, and then pack up and go on vacation for a month or whatever he likes to do.
Home Life
  • Living Location: I ended up figuring that Raz lived some place like New York City. A city that never sleeps, has an incredible selection of bars,¬†restaurants, and nightlife.
  • Living Arrangement: Raz definitely lives alone–home is simply a place where he can watch tv, check his email, and catch up on sleep.
  • Talk about their house: ¬†Raz has probably a very streamlined penthouse apartment. I see it being relatively simplistic and minimal. There probably won’t be much to reveal his personality–it will be presentable (I’m sure he has a maid) but almost, cold. Home would not be a place he’d stay often. Something I found while surfing the web that I think captures his tastes.
  • Decorating Style: Minimalist and modern. There will be a distinct lack of clutter!
Fun Stuff
  • Fashion: According to my husband, Raz is very focused about how he appears to others–he’ll be concerned with fashion to make sure he looks good. I suspect he’d probably be a big shopper of Calvin Klein, Armani, and Kenneth Cole. He’ll be big on the¬†accessorizing, probably wearing a very expensive watch, shoes that most people would only fantasize about purchasing, etc. Cool metals, probably a lot of grays, ¬†blacks, and dark blues. I suspect he’ll be most comfortable in a pair of fitted dark wash jeans (to show off his butt), an untucked button down shirt (probably striped or patterned), and a jacket of some form. His hair will still be a mess and he’s definitely a boxer boy.
  • Music: I suspect that Raz’s music tastes will align to mine. Probably a lot of techno/trance/dance with some current hits mixed in. He’s probably always got music on (yay for earbuds while walking in the city) and definitely likes fast paced beats to drive to.
  • Favorite Food: I gotta go with sushi. Simple and basic, but a lot of unusual flavors and textures. As always, there is more than what meets the eye ūüôā
  • Favorite Drink: I suspect Raz is an “on the rocks” sort of guy. Probably whisky, gin, and scotch.
  • Transportation: BMW M6 coupe in Space Gray Metallic with black interior. It’s probably an automatic with manual shift capability should he get antsy and want to get out of the city.
  • What’s one thing that your character would take with them from Azeroth: Quel’Delar, just for it’s meaning to his people. It’s probably hanging on the wall in his Living Room.


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