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BlizzCon 2011 – Mists of Pandaria, First Impressions

October 22, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

At this point, this is all old news, but I still wanted to capture my thoughts and experiences with the newly revealed WoW expansion!

As many are aware, the fourth expansion to the World of Warcraft universe was announced this morning at BlizzCon: Mists of Pandaria. The feeling in the room was mixed–some were excited, some sat there in shock–I think Twitter did a valid job of capturing the shocked reactions around me–the majority of the commentary on Twitter being “are we being trolled?”

While I feel that the WoW universe is getting a bit crowded with it’s elves, werewolves, and now apparently, pandas, to each their own!

I took some time this evening to play through the starting zone for the Pandaren, and…well, I was impressed. I rolled a Pandaren Monk (I wanted to try the class out), and Mal rolled, what else? A warrior. The characters moved very fluidly in their attacks–Mal commented to me that the warrior movements were incredible to watch and that he would definitely be leveling (yet another!) warrior  when the Expac releases.

The zone and music were absolutely beautiful! I actually spent a lot of time just checking out the scenery and enjoying the music that was playing as I quested. Questing was fluid and gave you a good chance to use your abilities–though honestly, I’m not quite sure what abilities I needed to be using and when (I picked up some “finishers” and I should have taken more time to read the tooltips to understand their usages), but that ties into me wanting to make sure I’m performing to the best of my ability, and day one with an Alpha build *just* might be pushing it a little bit!

In all, it was a very beautiful and enjoyable zone to quest in. Will I play a panda? No. Will I play a monk? Possibly, but I enjoy my Paladin way too much to want to learn a new method of tanking as a Brewmaster! So have no fear, my blog will remain Paladin (prot/holy) centric for the foreseeable future!


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