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BlizzCon 2011 – Charity Dinner

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Thrall, by Glenn Rane

Hello from BlizzCon! My BlizzCon experience started out much better than some–simply for the fact that I didn’t have to take on LineCon 2011 to get my badge!

Instead, I was able to sit in the lobby and enjoy the company of members of Enveloping Shadows: Rhidach, Antigen, and Ildara, in addition other guildies! I also am able to say that I had a drink with the amazing mathematical genius of the Paladin community: Theck! It was an absolute blast and the members of ES are an incredible group of people to hang out with!

Once their hotel room was ready, we parted ways, Ant and Rhi heading to the WoW Insider party and myself and Mal heading to our room to get ready for the Charity Dinner that night.

The dinner was lovely (I spent more time at the bar than I did eating, this came back to haunt me later), and I was able to speak with several members of the WoW development community!

I did get one on one time with Greg Street, Ghostcrawler! It was at the charity dinner that he broke the sad news to me that the developers would not be discussing the upcoming tanking changes that he had highlighted in the ongoing Water Cooler sessions. *sad Raz moment* I thanked him for his efforts and the open lines of communication that he has strived to maintain with the WoW community, while dealing with the absolute bottom of the WoW community that inhabits the forums.

I also got to speak with Mike Morhaime, who was a fun and energetic individual who is completely devoted to the growth and development of Blizzard. It was very refreshing to see a company President so in touch with his employees and it was readily apparent that he loves what he does.

J. Allen Brack was absolutely hilarious and incredibly honest to speak with regarding WoW in general! He told me that he was greatly impressed by my lore knowledge and my interest in the characters who inhabit the World of Warcraft universe! I also got to speak with his father, who is also a WoW player and currently working on Dragonwrath for his guild!

I got to speak with Chris Metzen and apparently my husband is the new “Red Shirt Guy” after that discussion! I didn’t realize it would be so easy to stump Chris regarding his own lore! We spoke to Chris regarding Sylvanas’ character development and inquired if we would see closure on Syl in Cataclysm or if her character would continue to develop through the next expansion. Chris confirmed that we shouldn’t expect resolution to the Plaguelands situation with Sylvanas and Koltira (damn!) in this Expac. He also confided that Sylvanas scares the shit of out him–and that she’s more batshit insane in his mind than Garrosh is. He actually fears Syl more than Garrosh! We stumped Chris on our inquiry about Lillian Voss. Apparently she has been completely forgotten as an NPC in Chris’s eyes! I felt that I should have gone and gotten Mal a red polo after that discussion!

Once we stepped away for the evening, we headed down to the Hilton lobby, where the parties were just getting started. I got to spend some time with Aldous and Sniz from TTGF, and even managed to draw Dee out of her hotel room after she had spent the entire day on a plane! There was a lot more alcohol consumption and there was a great picture that hit Twitter of me laughing so hard about something that I fell flat on my butt at our table (we were standing, not sitting). All in all, I’m sure Sniz is now very concerned about one of the guild’s tanks and her apparent sanity (or lack thereof).

Once Aldous and Sniz departed, and Mal chose to go to bed, Dee and I got to sit and talk Firelands (ick) and lore (yay!) for what resulted in several hours. Apparently during our discussion someone fell into the fountain in the bar and we both missed it!

I was gifted some of Dee’s lovely sketches (SHEEEEEEEPS!) and she even hand delivered popcorn cheese to me (which I’m staring at as I type this).

Anyway, it was a great kick-off for BlizzCon, and it made sitting through the first day of panels VERY difficult because I was up so late (and maybe partially hung over, but I’ll never admit to that)!

More to come on panel discussion, assuming I don’t fall asleep as I’m typing this!

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