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BlizzCon 2011

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BlizzCon sometimes feels like returning home after a long absence. Not the geeks, but Southern California in general. I’ve lived on both coasts, and have found that I have happy memories of both locations. It’s been 15 years since I last lived in California, where I hung out at Lake Mission Viejo, went to Knotts Berry Farm, and shopped at South Coast Plaza. One of the joys of returning for BlizzCon is that I get to visit all my old haunts–restaurants (that still exist!), malls, and stores that take me down memory lane.

Mal is slighly amused each time we return–I always have a list of places to eat at and shop at, and I drag him all over the area reliving those years. It just so happens that these visits always coincide with BlizzCon (I have no need to be in SoCal otherwise anymore, my clients are all based around me in the DC Metro now), but flying in on Thursday and departing early Sunday morning never gave me a chance to go everywhere I wanted to go!

Fast forward to this year! We decided to make BlizzCon a vacation! Flying out to California on Monday, spending a couple days shopping and hitting places like Disney (Mal’s never been), and then kicking off BlizzCon with the Charity Dinner on Thursday night, which I’m GREATLY looking forward to!

Miri’s BlizzCon Plans

If you’re not familiar with food options that aren’t fast food in SoCal, I provide a list of my favorites:

  • Tortilla Flats – The FOUNDERS of #TACOTUESDAY!
  • Ruby’s Diner – Great burgers and shakes, avocado burger FTW!
  • Claim Jumper –  Oh god, so much good food!
  • Peppinos – The ORIGINAL Peppinos restaurant! Italian food that makes you sob in happiness!

For shopping I always head over to South Coast Plaza, but the Anaheim Garden Walk is close to the convention center and has lots of chain restaurants (PF Chang’s, Cheesecake Factory, M&S Grill, etc.)

I’ll be at the Hilton Anaheim for my stay, where I always stay for BlizzCon, so if you want to visit, I won’t be too far away!

Where to Find Booze

This is more for me than anything >.> But…if you want to know the closest places to get wine and hard liquor, I give you my findings:

  • BevMo – Wine/Hard Liquor – Closest to the Convention Center AND you can tell them what you want and it’ll be ready in an hour. Hell yea!
  • Costco – Wine/Hard Liquor – Closest to the Convention Center. Glad I’m a Costco member!

BlizzCon Party List

Parties that I’m aware of (so far):

  • WoWhead, WoWInterface, WoWInsider Party @ the Tangerine Grill & Patio at the Anabella Hotel – Thursday starting @ 5p
  • Twisted Nether Meetup – Bar Louie @ Anaheim Garden Walk – Friday @ 9p
  • Invite Only – Curse BlizzCon Party – Hilton Anaheim, 2nd floor – Friday @ 8p
  • BlizzCon After Party (with Blizz employees in attendance!) – Hilton Anaheim, Lobby – Saturday @ BlizzCon wrap
  • Hotel Guests Only – BlizzCon After Party (with Blizz employees in attendance!) – Hilton Anaheim, Pool Deck – Saturday @ BlizzCon wrap

NOTE: If you know of others, shoot me a note on Twitter or stick it into the comments and I’ll update this post!

Tweeps Attending BlizzCon

The following Tweeps have identified that they will be at BlizzCon. If you aren’t following them already, you’re probably missing out on fun and a chance to meet great people!

NOTE: This list is in progress as I get more responses! So, keep checking back in!

Looking forward to having fun! If you want to get together, shoot me a DM on Twitter or stick a message to me somewhere and I’ll get back to you!

  1. October 14, 2011 at 11:22 am

    Saturday night. The Hilton. Be there. There’s a party in the lobby, and for those that are staying there you can go to the one on the pool deck. It used to be a free for all, but it got so popular Hilton security only lets guests go in. It pretty much starts as soon as the convention is over. Tons of Blizzard employees there and such. Always a great time.

    (Also, I will be there! I’ll probably run into you at some point)

    • October 14, 2011 at 11:38 am

      Score….usually I passed out to make an early flight and missed the Saturday parties…BUT…I fly out later this time, so… *rubs hands together in glee* I will DEFINITELY be there!

  2. October 17, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    If you’re in the mood for pizza – Mama Cozza’s Pizza/Italian restaurant in Anaheim has been around since 1965. Definitely my go-to pizza restaurant in the area. It’s about the same price as the chain pizza joints, but the quality can’t be beat.

  3. Jamie
    October 18, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    Restaurants.com is doing certificates for $25 for only $8 for Katella Grille, right around the corner from the Hilton. It’s not the best food, but it’s good diner type food for the hungover or breakfast loving. I got two. 🙂

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