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PTR Stuff, Raiding, This is REALLY a To-Do List…

Mount Hyjal Healing (Untouched, raw file)

Yeayeayea…I’m still recovering from almost a week of being sick…during which the PTR hit, we downed Heroic Shannox, and I got my second binding for Thunderfury. It’s been a bit hellish and I’m trying to restore order to real life since it looks like a bomb went off at home. I actually had to be yelled at to make my own Friday night raid because I was so caught up with work and working with other raid teams on their Rag attempts.

Anyway, things to expect next week:

  • Transmog stuff – I may do a lame “here’s what I’m doing for Transmog,” the current costs, and info about the process on the PTR (find me as Razíel on Anasterian). (DONE, I finally finished this on 10/14 /flex)
  • Dungeon guides to the new 5-mans – so far the first one, End Time, is all that’s live, and it’s got some interesting mechanics. Loot is currently 378. (All the dungeons are up, I just haven’t had enough time to run them all yet)
  • Thunderfury completion in pictures – I’ve said I will sell myself on the streets of Org for my 4 final ingots–this could get interesting. (All ingots gathered, I am cringing at the thought of MC again)
  • I’ve been learning to Blood tank on my DK (tanked T11 on Friday night, somewhat sober)–so I’ll start making some pointers from a fail Blood DK perspective in the near future–I’m tanking Firelands alt runs now. O.O (YEA NO, I did it, I don’t plan on doing it again–it wasn’t bad in the least, it just wasn’t Paladin tanking, which I’m so familiar with. I’ll leave DK smarts to the Blood DKs)
  • Heroic Shannox, AKA “MIRI WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU IN BETH’S AREA”–a guide to ALL the things NOT to do on H. Shannox (holy hell does that range enrage HURT). (AT SOME POINT. I need a couple more kills before I even want to think about this fight again)
  • BlizzCon prep – yes, I am one of several who will be at BlizzCon in the coming weeks. If you want to stalk me, buy me drinks, etc, I’ll  have some info up on how to achieve this very weird and twisted fantasy. (DONE! And it’s got liquor stores included in it! Miri remembers the IMPORTANT STUFF)
  • Whatever else crosses my mind–I may also hit on H. Rhyolith as we worked on him some last week too! (Fuck Rhyo)

Enjoy the stupid picture of Raz in healing gear in Mount Hyjal from our OMG REP FARMING GIMME LOOT DAMNIT runs. Why I was healing, I don’t really know, but I was bored. REALLY REALLY BORED.

Also, Illidan can like…fall off a cliff or something–he still hasn’t produced my shield for Transmog purposes -.-

And now, I’m going to go pass out since I’ve had 2 cups of coffee and 4.5 hours of sleep. :c

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