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Welcoming the Boozekin

September 14, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Make Your Own Caption, Mine are Pretty Tasteless Either Way (Picture by @_Rades)

TTGF raids are amusing. Guild chat is even MORE amusing. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to flip through my screenshots you’ve seen pictures of this newest Blogger, or even heard me yammering about him on Vent.

Late Night Guild Chat...

I give you, the newest member of the TTGF blogging family, Boozekin! Written by our very own Aldous! Aldous is one of our officers in TTGF, our official raid wiper, and my sometimes cotank on trash in Firelands. We’ve also drunk tanked Tier 11 content when we’ve been bored. His boss fight explanations are second to none, and his blog does a great job of capturing the fun and humor that he brings to TTGF.

His blog was born during random chatter last night on vent–at guild member urging, because Aldous is just too epic to be contained in just TTGF. He chose the name Boozekin after a questionable night in gchat that will remain with guildies until…well…until we have another epic quote night.

And thus, Boozekin was born

Rades has been capturing sound clips during random moments in vent, and has been able to provide us with some classic Aldous material:

Many thanks to Rades for hosting these recorded moments!

Be sure to check out Aldous’ blog, Boozekin: Musings of a drunk druid, for regular updates!

You can also tune in to the LiveStream tonight at 10p Eastern for Aldous raid shenanigans (since he’s doing trash with me tonight–not sure if he realizes it or not).

Anway! Raise your glass in welcome to our newest TTGF blogger!


  1. Mittenz
    September 21, 2011 at 6:47 pm

    I posted the screenshot of the ridiculous shipping convo the other day on Nharzul’s facebook (yes, the shaman has his own facebook.)

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