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Search Term Q&A

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I almost spilled my drink coming up with a caption...so...this is your caption.

So, today’s blog post is going to be in a bit different than anything I’ve done in the past. I spent today combing through the search terms that have sent people to my blog. Most I will try to answer as seriously as I can. The others are things that I read and did a double take on to make sure I read them right.

The  breakdown is as follows:

  • Firelands Boss Related Q&A – broken out by boss
  • Firelands General Q&A
  • Things that made Miri go O.o

So, without further adieu, I give you my VERY FIRST “Search Term Q&A”!

Blogger’s Note: These questions are UNEDITED and quoted exactly as they appear in my statistics page.

Firelands Boss Related Q&A


Our Shannox queries seem to be focused on positioning (addressed in my Shannox 10M Tanking Strat) and on dealing with Crystal Prisons.

wow shannox pally cant drop jagged tear stacks

There’s only 1, maybe 2, time(s) that I can’t drop stacks on Shannox. Usually the first spear toss, and then if I screw up and Rip gets the Wary debuff before I can get him into position. As the Riplimb tank, it is my responsibility to help myself and my cotank drop our Jagged Tear stacks.

The Riplimb tank should always be tanking Rip near (but not on!) a Crystal Prison trap so that Rip can be immediately dumped when a spear toss occurs. Keeping Rip frozen in the trap gives both tanks time for their stacks to fall off. If for whatever reason you have a failed trap,  notify your co-tank so they can begin kiting Shannox away from Rip to help with stack dropping. I’ve also been known to run towards Beth’s trash to stay away from Rip so I can drop stacks if I’ve got 5 seconds (or so left). This is usually seen when I’m jumping around far away from the raid.


Lots of Beth’tilac questions, so let’s get started!

beth’tilac leaving 2 spinners so healer and tank can get back up quickly

If the theory is to leave 2 Spinners up on the rare chance that a tank or healer falls through the web and needs to get back up on the web during an up-phase, the best bet would be to call for a wipe. If your tank falls through, Beth is going to eat your healer and/or any DPS up on the web before your tank can scramble back up to take her back.

The other thing that needs to be considered is that those Spinners are going to be hitting your ground team with fire–it does result in unnecessary healing, so your best bet will be to continue with killing all the Spinners and hoping that your web team can watch their footing.

beth’tilac + taunt on how many stacks?

The only time a tank should be taunting on Beth Phase 2 is when the Widow’s Kiss is applied to the other tank. When you see the emote go off in DBM, taunt, stay away from your co-tank, and go to town.

Phase 2 Beth’tilax Tanking Position

For Phase 2, we make sure Beth is as far away from any remaining adds, and then our positioning is as follows:

Positioning for Beth'tilac Phase 2

Now, this is a rough drawing. She usually ends up like this for us, but remember, this is just an understanding of positioning. You want your healers/ranged/melee grouped up behind Beth for AoE healing. Usually we will pop a Power Word: Barrier, a couple Tranqs, Divine Guardian, and a Spirit Link at the stack point to heal through the AoE damage.

How to Kill Beth’tilac if your tanks suck

I just had to include this one because my facial expression when I read this was: O.O – If your tanks are having issues with Beth’tilac, there needs to be more investigation–are CDs not being used, are they too far away for healing, etc. Beth is not a hard fight on the tanks, if they are struggling now, it will probably only get worse as you progress through Firelands!


Not much here,  but let’s address this one:

howto pally tank lord rhyolith adds

For me, it was really discovering a rhythm to the fight before I stopped stressing about the adds. If I recall correctly, the add spawn set-up is 1/ small adds, 2/ small adds, 3/ big add. Rinse repeat. My DPS actually figured it out–I just watch the timers.

The add DPS/healer team hangs out with me on the outer edge of the platform–basically where you buff up before the pull. Our add spawns usually cooperate and pop over near us, so there’s not much movement. If there is, your heal team needs to be VERY aware (and so do you as a tank) that they need to be in motion with their tank. If they tunnel vision and don’t move, it will be a very messy fight.

When the small adds spawn, I’ll usually AS the furthest out ones (running Dazing Shield for this fight) and then Holy Wrath as they get close. Then I just launch into my normal AoE attack rotation until the adds are dead. Rinse and repeat for the small adds.

With the big add, I usually taunt, AS, and am moving to the edge to get in position–I tank the big add as close to the edge as I can so if the leg melee pass close by with Rhyo, they aren’t taking unnecessary damage. Remember to use your CDs (Divine Protection SHOULD be glyphed for this fight), and use Holy Shield as necessary. I try to avoid using Guardian until Phase 2, but if you need the protection, then use it. If you’re dead, there will be no Phase 2. I also call out in Vent to “get away” to my team, and if the add spawns in an unusual location, I will update my healers on where I’m taking the mob.

Remember, clear and quick communication on this fight is for the benefit of all. Your melee are probably communicating leg DPS changes, and you need to message to your DPS and healers what you’re doing.


“decimation blade” “ardent defender”

YES. A THOUSAND TIMES YES. If you are the Decimation Blades tank, Ardent Defender should be part of your CD rotation.

You will probably only be able to use it once, if you can use it twice, then definitely–If AD is off CD and you’re about to eat blades, USE IT.

cd rotation for paladin tanks on baleroc

So, my gear list for Baleroc is as follows: Please note, I don’t usually run in an avoidance set and I don’t usually actively collect for it–your avoidance gear will probably vary from mine, but you should equip as many pieces as you can for this fight.

First Decimation Blade alert, I taunt, pop Ardent Defender, Holy Shield, and one of my trinkets, usually the Vial of Stolen Memories. I eat my three blades, and my co-tank taunts Baleroc back.

Second Decimation Blade, I’m going on the assumption that AD is NOT off CD. If it is, then use it again. Same with the trinket. If it’s NOT, then I pop the Moonwell Phial, Holy Shield, hit Divine Protection and I may pop Guardian of Ancient Kings for good measure.

I usually only see 2-3 Decimation Blades a Baleroc fight now. You should have no issue timing your CDs to have them available for each.

Just remember, your block does NOTHING for you on Baleroc as Decimation Blades cannot be blocked. They can be dodged or parried, so adjust your gear as needed. Usually on Baleroc, my block falls to around 53%–once I pick up some more avoidance gear, that number will continue to decrease.

Using this theory, my health may only plummet once over the course of the fight due to a blade not being absorbed, dodged, or parried!


Lots of Alys questions! Let’s get this started!

hop during tantrum on alysrazor

Can’t say I’ve ever done this on purpose. I’m also not sure why you would. Use a feather, if you can, use two for the speed boost. You should be aware of your bird approaching Tantrum status. Be near a worm (but not too close that you’re taking Lava Spew damage) so that when Tantrum pops, you can pop Holy Shield, maybe a Divine Protection (which should STILL be glyphed), to help reduce the damage of a Tantrum.

how to avoid fire worms on alys

Here’s a drawing of roughly where I stand (Diamond) for Phase 1. I honestly have no clue where my co-tank stands, because I don’t pay attention. If you are at just the right place, you won’t be hit by the Lava Spew!

Phase 1 Rough Positioning

You’ll want to keep your Hatchling fairly immobile because you are working to maximize your DPS. I try to limit my movement as much as possible, only moving to eat worms. I find that this position gives me the least amount of movement during this phase. Once your DPS gets really good on the Hatchling, you’ll probably start eating worms just to get them out of the way, Tantrum or not. I usually will have my Hatchling eat a worm at 70% if he hasn’t Tantrumed yet, another at 50% and then the final two at 30% and 15%. It really depends on how good your DPS is though and if you are confident that you won’t need the worms later.

tankadin dps roation for alysrazor

alysrazor paladin tanking tips

Two questions, basically asking the same thing, so let me outline how I do Alys–first with gear and buffs, then my rotation.

I’ve already covered the gearing and consumables I use for tanking my Hatchling in my Alysrazor 10M Tanking Strat guide, so I don’t feel there’s anything greater for me to cover. But, the rotation I can definitely share!

You should be able to get a full stack of Holy Power before your Hatchling even hatches–in order to to this, go join your melee DPS on your side of the room with their Blazing Talon Initiate. Our add is usually dead slightly before my Hatchling spawns, so I’m able to get into position with a full 3-stack of HP. As soon as the bird hatches, I pop Inquisition for the bonus damage, then immediately cast Divine Plea and Avenging Wrath. I can also use the Deathblood Venom I highlighted in my strat guide. Remember though, you are allotted only one Deathblood Venom per fight! I have swapped glyphs around so I’m using Focused Shield and Crusader Strike for the bonus damage. I perform my normal tanking rotation, spending my 3 HP on Shield of the Righteous (and ONLY when I have 3 HP), and using Avenger’s Shield whenever it’s available (either by normal CD or Grand Crusader procs).

If you stick to this for every Phase 1, your Hatchling should be dead in no time, and I usually have 10-20 seconds to jump around like a fool before Phase 2 starts.

Firelands General Q&A

There was just one thing that I thought was a great question and wanted to address. Simply because when we got to this point, my raid team would have loved to have known what to do. Instead we winged it, wiped, and then learned from our mistake. My goal is to help others avoid wiping on this pull!

Blazing Monstrosity Strat

Honestly, I had to go look up what the Blazing Monstrosity was when I saw this. I scuttled off to WoWHead, and low and behold, there was a picture of a mob that gives us much humor each time we do the pull.

A Chicken on a Chicken...

There’s a bit of activity going on with this pull, so let’s talk chicken!

  • Tanks will be picking up the two Druids of the Flame and tanking them as normal.
  • Two DPS will be running to the Blazing Monstrosities in the back of the room. These adds are able to be mounted like a vehicle and the DPS will be able to control them. Their responsibility is to aim their bird at one of the two egg piles in the room and cast fireballs on the eggs so that the tanks and the remaining DPS and healers don’t get overwhelmed by baby chicken hatchlings.
  • Once the Druids are dead, I proceed to AoE tank the baby chickens as they run into the raid. Just collect and burn them down with your DPS.
  • Once the egg piles are dead (along with all the baby chickens), your DPS can switch to the gigantic birds and begin to burn them down. The bird drivers can also turn their birds at each other and have a fireball battle with each other, damaging themselves so that they die even more quickly. Just make sure they aren’t hitting the raid with the fireballs–you’re trying to avoid unnecessary damage!

Our last Alys kill, one of our healers jumped onto one of the birds and had fun. We barely have any raid damage, so we were able to get away with it <.<

Things that made Miri go O.o

There were only a couple…but…

night elf tied up

Now, I have a TON of hits about Night Elves. Apparently there’s some massive Night Elf fetish for WoW players. That’s great, but, I think they are hippies and will try to avoid ANY references to Night Elves (aside from my experimentation before the Burning Crusade launched…) in the future. I’m a die hard Sin’dorei, so…yea…

But ANYWAY. This string. “Night elf tied up.” 😐 Just…just damn. I hope you found the porn you were looking for searcher…

Moonwell Chalice WoW Pally Tank

… The Moonwell Chalice and Paladin Tank should never be used in the same sentence. Why anyone would be considering an Int trinket for tanking is of a bit of concern. I’m hoping you were looking for the Moonwell Phial instead!

It’s a Wrap!

So, this actually turned out to be rather long (and it was actually longer but I forgot to save a draft before I did a reboot of my PC earlier). I’ll probably make it more of a monthly feature if the search strings are good!

Hope you enjoyed, and maybe even learned, some additional information to help make you (and/or your raid team) successful in Firelands!

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    Hm. Next time you need more search results that make you go O.o. Other blogs deliver far more on that front 😛 If you’re struggling I’ll stack the deck a little 😛

    • September 12, 2011 at 6:11 pm

      There were some other strange things, but if I start seeing Mittenz+Raz+Shipping like that one night in raid, I’LL KNOW IT’S YOU MITTENZ! 😉

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    FYI I haven’t done any nelf ones. Those are purely a result of the magic of the internets.

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