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The Naked Dungeon Challenge

September 3, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Miri Does Stupid Things - Film @ 11

Taking a moment before going to bed, I flitted over to the TTGF guild forums to see if anyone was making noise about our upcoming attempts on Rag. Instead of a Ragnaros discussion, I found a thread by Rades entitled “The Naked Dungeon Challenge.”

Intrigued, I opened up the thread to find a brief explanation of the concept, which I further clarified with Rades over Twitter.

Since not all of our Twitter guildies are on the guild website, I decided to post a brief outline of how it works, and drum up some more…competition…for the fun. I’m opening this up to my RealID friends list, capping it (obviously) at 5. I will run the same team through all the dungeons, and I can PROBABLY be conned into healing if it comes down to it.

Be forewarned, there will be nekkid elf ass in these runs until I get pants…

The Rules

  • Put all your gear in your bank (oh dear god, have you SEEN Raz’s bank?!?).
  • Run the 5-mans in order starting with RFC.
  • Dungeons can only be run ONCE.
  • Everyone NEEDS on loot–you are expected to “steal” from your guildies/RealID friends as needed.
  • If the ilvl is higher than what you have equipped, you must equip it. Even if it means you’re a Prot Paladin running around with a 2H mace. If that gray 2H mace is a better ilvl than your white shield and gray sword, you equip it.
  • You can only equip what drops in the dungeon.
  • You can use your pets and all class abilities.

So…if you’re interested, shoot me a DM on Twitter. I’ll be starting this Sunday morning once I figure out how to get room in Raz’s bank while I enjoy my coffee!

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