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So aside from overly delayed boss strat guides, I’ve been fairly quiet over here. I figure that today I can make up for lost time with a ton of blog posts, some of value, some for my own personal enjoyment.  This will be a random rundown of WoW stuff, real life, and other misc. things!

Raz in Sunwell

Real Life

So last week was sort of interesting! We had an earthquake in quiet little Virginia on August 23rd–a nice 5.8! It was the first time I’ve been in one since I lived in California and got to wake up to a 5.3. It was an odd sensation–I had stepped into my garage to put some recycle up and was walking back into the house when the floor started rolling. It sounded like a train outside and my first reaction, having lived here for so long was “oh my god, something has crashed.” This is sort of standard considering I live in a flight path and that Dulles Airport isn’t all that far away (my office is in the general vicinity). Me, being me, walked up the stairs into my family room and watched pictures sway on the walls while I listened to all the creaking of the house joists. Then it dawned on me. It was an earthquake!

Once the house stopped shaking, I sorta stood in the family room for a moment, shrugged, and went downstairs to check on Twitter, hit up the Internet, and rejoice over the fact that I now have an excuse to avoid cleaning the house.

The downside of the earthquake was that my cell phone and home phone stopped working for a couple hours. It was one of those fleeting moments where I was happy to discover that my IP phone for work was alive and well (CallManager is in another state), so I was able to make phone calls to friends and family to make sure everyone was okay.

Earthquake fun was followed up by Hurricane Irene fun. I scuttled off to the grocery store for miscellaneous food items, and got stuff brought inside on Friday, preparing for the wind and rain that blew through. The power dimmed a few times, but we never completely lost it. If we lost power and internet, it would have been a LONG weekend for me, probably resulting in wall climbing and spastic Tweeting from my cell phone!

Work has been pretty crazy–I finally took some much needed vacation last Thursday and Friday. Coming back to work on Monday was a culture shock, and I decided I needed more time off. So I’m taking off September 2nd through the 11th, just so I can do absolutely nothing but sit on my butt, play WoW, drink, probably go out to eat, and go shopping. I may even try to stay regular with blogging (again)!

Special Characters can be Taken Many Ways...


So WoW has been pretty amusing. I rolled a Draenei DK alt over on Medivh-US to harass the lovely members of Waypoint. I’m not sure if they knew what they were in for when they told me to roll an alt over there! I guess I was fairly amusing, because since then, several of them have rolled over on Drenden-US to deal with my wackiness at a Horde level!

In the process, Dee (@outbirk) decided to move her Belf Mage over so that she could get help with group quests and continue making her steady push to 85. This resulted in much humor, especially when she was trying to decide if she was going to keep her character name or not. Much humor was had in the discussion of “special characters” for the name.

Anyway, Dee decided to keep her name, special character added,and away we went, grinding her quickly to level 85! I’m leaving out many of the snarky party chat screenshots as Kirian and Raz had much amusement in LFD. As Dee put it, the other party members were probably hoping and praying Kirian would STFU and not drive the tank out of the dungeon! Much hilarity.

While leveling, we did a bunch of stupid stuff to support our Transmorgification needs. This included runs of Black Temple, Mount Hyjal, Blackwing Lair, and even Sunwell, where we both picked up fabulous Transmog gear!

What can I say, it’s been fun 🙂

Misc. Fun

What follows are some random (and fun), screenshots from our travels!

Raz solo'ing Forge of Souls

Working on the grind to 80–there was a dead mage involved!


Grinding for Battered Hilts for Raz and Kirian (at 84).

Raz in T6 in Sunwell

Taking in the scenery in the Sunwell.

Raz and Kirian Rockin' Old School BC Gear

At the Sunwell. Which definitely needs a new paint job–something about a demon being on the wall just doesn’t really jive with a purified fount of energy.


So Dee has been humoring me (and her) with random Raz sketches as I helped her level…

The first one amuses me greatly–because it’s Raz in a nutshell: sarcastic, amused, and more or less a “WAT” type picture!

ORLY? (I can't beat Dee's file name)

The second one is more of a character study, and Tweeps have seen it for a bit in uncolored form until yesterday, when the colored version went live. Well, the shoulders to head version went live on Twitter–now everyone gets to see the full cut of the pic <.<

Raz - Character Study

I adore them both! Thanks Dee for humoring both of us with these!

  1. August 30, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    I still laugh about that DPS who was like. NO. HE’S NOT A STAM STACKER. HE’S IN FIRELANDS GEAR. STFU, MAGE. If he was defending your honor any more, he’d have challenged Kirian to a duel right there in front of Slabhide. XD

    It was a lot of fun powering to 85 with you. XD And Raz is hilarious to draw. HE HAS EXPRESSIONS. Whereas Kirian is more 😐 all the time. And that first Raz sketch is hilarious because EVERY TIME I look at it, I imagine him saying something different, and every time it makes me laugh.

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