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Firelands Tanking – 10M Majordomo Staghelm

Majordomo Staghelm, Archdruid of the Flame

Ragnaros’ latest chief lieutenant stands before the door to his master’s chamber in Sulfuron Keep. Majordomo Staghelm’s treasonous efforts will all come to a head before the very seat of his new master.

So I have to be honest. I don’t know what I was expecting for Majordomo Staghelm, but it wasn’t the fight that we got. In fact, I felt like I was left at the boss altar, jilted by Domo, and as he ran by, he chucked some loot at me. There’s your random imagery for the week. (Now, that being said, he’s probably going to be a royal PITA tomorrow night when we return. That’s my luck.)

10M Staghelm felt like a mini boss of (non)epic proportions. The fight was over and done with faster than I could blink. To the point where I don’t think I had used many CDs simply because I didn’t think he’d die that fast.

In fact, I’ll let the screenshots tell the story of Staghelm:

Getting Ready to Pull Domo

The timestamp between those two tweets was 27  minutes. According to World Logs, our attempts were 10m11s from start to finish.

Antigen's Reaction

Poor AntEnveloping Shadows had been working on Domo 25M and had gotten him down–their raid time is earlier than ours, so they had their kill before we started working on ours. Obviously, 10M is a hell of a lot easier than 25M when you consider the positioning requirements of the fight.

@_Rades' Obvious Surprise

Rades’ comment sums up our thoughts that night. We all stood there over a dead corpse and scratched our heads and went “Really? That was it?”

Rades and I Discussing Domo

And yet, we’re deadly serious. I don’t feel that we even saw MUCH of the fight.

Which…makes writing this blog post VERY difficult, but…here goes!

Group Makeup

  • Tank
    • Protection Paladin (possibly the more bored, the better?)
  • Healers
    • Restoration Druid
    • Discipline Priest
    • Restoration Shaman
  • DPS
    • Frost Death Knight x 2
    • Fury Warrior
    • Marksmanship Hunter
    • Enhancement Shaman
    • Balance Druid

The Fight

There’s really no “phases” to the Staghelm fight–everything that happens is dictated by the raid.


We started with Staghelm in Scorpion form. In order for Domo to change into Scorpion form, at least 7 members of the raid need to stack. The raid wants to stack up on your tank (yes! In front of the boss!) so that the damage from Flame Scythe is spread across the entire raid. Every time that Domo casts Flame Scythe (at the cost of 100 energy), he will gain a stack of Adrenaline, which increases his energy regen by 20% per application. This means he will Flame Scythe even faster, making the healing overwhelming if you stay in the phase too long.


Cat form is activated when the raid spreads out. It would be in your best interest to plan with your raid before pull to determine where everyone is going to hang out for this phase. Ever so often, Domo will leap at a raid member, casting Leaping Flames where he lands. Said targeted raid member moves, and continues DPSing. As the tank, an add will spawn (in front of you), Spirit of the Flame, that you’ll want to pick up and hang onto as Domo comes bounding back over. Your DPS will focus fire down the Spirit before resuming work on Domo. You’re still dealing with Adrenaline, so DPS is very important.


When Domo goes human, everyone gets immobilized by Fiery Cyclone. Depending on the form swap, Domo will either cast Searing Seeds or Burning Orbs.

Neither of these matter to a tank, because you won’t be impacted, but I picked up an addon called Searing Seeds Tracker so I could see who may (or may not) kill me! Since all members of the raid are afflicted with different timers, only one person should be running out at any given moment to explode.

Assume your DPS and healers have a rotation figured out for Burning Orbs and you’re good.


Our Adrenaline stacks went as follows:

  • Scorpion 1: 10
  • Cat 1: 7
  • Scorpion 2: 9
  • Cat 2: 6
  • Scorpion 3: 6
  • Cat 3: 0

@_Rades Explaining Domo for Tanks

Paladin Notes

Use CDs on transitions between forms. Cast Holy Radiance if you’re bored. Maybe even Raid Wall. A quick scan of our logs shows that I didn’t do either. What can I say, I’m a bad Paladin!

At this point, I’m hoping you know how to swap glyphs around (Focused Shield) for specific fights, and since I move stuff around so regularly, I don’t keep track of these things most of the time.

Make sure you’re running with your Prismatic Elixir and Elixir of the Master. Use that trinket that will never leave your bags (Mirror of Broken Images).

And…umm…hope Domo keels over as quickly as he did for us?

Also, roll well so you can win the first shoulder token 😉

Dōmo arigatō (Someone had to do it)

Additional Data

World of Logs for TTGF’s Domo kill are here.

  1. August 30, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    I gotta say I was shocked when I saw those tweets of yours and a tad let down. Killing him as he’s about to or even before the cat phase with the orbs on 10 man is just an insane discrepancy between difficulties.

    But grats on the kill none the less! Have fun with Rag 😀

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