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Things You Can’t Do with Lag: Raid (Duh)

And it was ALL my fault...

Last night was an absolute clusterfuck of epic proportions. And I place the blame squarely on my shoulders for our worst night of raiding on the books.

The week started out on an interesting note–I forgot I had a video meeting in the office and had to race to get myself put together and in by 11:30a, the link bridge to talk between the two video setups was broken (and thus, going into the office was a waste of time), and then the fact that the sky opened up with issues as soon as I walked through the door. Then there’s the general commentary that I didn’t get home until almost 7p, my laundry didn’t get done, and my house is a disaster.

I got home and settled in at my PC for some WoL review, some dailies, some farming, and some general BS with guildies, and all was right in my little world. Until the lag showed up. And the lag got worse. And even more worse. 45 minutes before raid time, I was bouncing between 120ms and 1600ms of latency. As a tank, I like the lower number A LOT MORE.

260ms of latency and a dirty Nharzul

After spending time herbing, I jumped onto Raz to get ready to head into Firelands and HOPE (and pray) that the issue would clear up. I mean, it was almost 10p–whoever was downloading crap on my cable internet hub should be going to sleep soon, right? The same thing happened on Friday, though I suspect that was an AT&T network issue based on the traces I was running to Drenden’s datacenter.

We survive the hill leading up to Rhyo and get ready to pull. As a reminder, I’m the one and only tank for Rhyo (this matters). All is going well, and I’m picking up adds with only slight delay, and we’re cruising to a kill. Until I DC right when the next round of adds pop. I make it back into game to pick up the Spark, but we’re down a couple people because of my DC mishap.

The second attempt on Rhyo went better–I didn’t DC, but we weren’t expecting him to push to 25% as quickly as he did, so we weren’t ready with CDs and the raid bit the dust fairly quickly on Phase 2.

The third attempt was a successful kill with loot to be passed out! The raid was happy, I was hoping my latency was normalizing, and we headed off to Baleroc.

Any idea what a nightmare it is to announce you’re starting a pull with a 14K ping to your vent server? Any idea how hard it is to taunt for Decimation Blade with 3 seconds of lag? I do, and unfortunately, my guild knows now too.

I was in my Avoidance gear (I'm not THAT scrub)

After our 5th wipe on Baleroc (which I think all were caused by my lag or DCs), I told the team I was tired of wasting guild funds on repair bills caused by me and that I thought we should call the raid 30 minutes early.

Now, if you know me, I don’t do that. I will raid NON-STOP if we’re on a roll. I can easily raid 4-5 nights a week without issue. I love raiding! So for me to recommend calling it early was painful. I knew that the team wanted to get Bale down again, but we were already filling one slot out of guild, and if I stepped out we were probably going to have to fill another slot. Our healers had healing down, the tanks knew their role, and our DPS was rocking crystals. So we had good synergy, but damn if my latency didn’t want to screw it up for everyone.

So we called it.

The decision was to go burn through 2 remaining bosses in BoT on alts with someone’s save, so I jumped on my DK. Latency wasn’t too bad and we managed to get through Council and Cho’gall without issue (helps that I wasn’t tanking or healing).

We all decide to get 1 more chance at a token and head over to Throne. I swap back to Raz and am Prot for the raid. We had some directionally challenged folks, so the first attempt was a learning experience. We got the first boss trio down on the second attempt, and I make the call that I shouldn’t tank Al’Akir with my craptacular connection (which was only getting worse at that point). I switch to Holy and we have an “oops” pull and then get ready for our second attempt. Which was a wipe with Al’Akir at 122 health. Yep, 122. Even better was trying to dodge tornadoes with 2K latency and getting delayed alerts for Wind Bursts (yay for getting punted). So basically my rockin’ guildies were two healing the fight because I was absolutely worthless. We get back in for our 3rd attempt and I DC during P2 and get grabbed by a tornado. Well, at least that’s what Rades told me when I came back into game (and by some miracle, alive). But the best part of coming back into game WHILE IN COMBAT? NOTHING WORKS. I had no raid frames to heal, just my own. By some miracle, we pull through and get Al’Akir down (once again, poor healers are 2 healing the raid). With Al’Akir dead, my raid frames reset for me to discover that all the guildies in the raid were alive (yay)!

And no, my shoulder token wasn’t the one that dropped.

Today’s connection LOOKS stable, and I did switch to Google’s DNS servers because Comcast’s have been an absolute mess with me being unable to resolve Google 50% of the time. I called Comcast after our Al’Akir kill (so it was like 3:15a) to tell them to fix their crap and to get a tech out (which you know does absolutely nothing, but if you’re going to waste my evening, I’ll waste your day–I’m a vindictive biatch). So I have a tech coming on Thursday afternoon and I got a great phone recording this morning of “We fixed a network issue in your area. Do you still want a tech to come out?” YES. Because if I say no, SOMETHING will break again. I’ll decide on Thursday morning if I want the tech to come mess around with nothing.

And I’m still even more annoyed that they installed FiOS at each end of my neighborhood, and stopped within a 1/2 mile of my house. YES. A HALF MILE. The rage I had when they quit installing was incredible. I have no clue when they will come back and finish it up.

So hope you enjoyed my miscellaneous Tuesday rant about my shitty internet connection, how I screwed my guild out of a Baleroc kill, a clean Rhyo kill, and Alys attempts, AND looked like complete fail in the T11 stuff we PuGged…

  1. August 9, 2011 at 1:07 pm

    But on the plus side, you got screenshots of Baleroc bouncing! Can’t wait to see those.

    • August 9, 2011 at 2:03 pm

      I have random pics of Tommy laying on the ground–Mal got some random poses with Baleroc when he couldn’t DC after a wipe.

      I feel so bad about last night. I should have stepped out after the 1st DC on Bale. Next time I will. 😦

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