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Firelands Tanking – 10M Rhyolith

Lord Rhyolith

Heroes face a difficult challenge: attack this massive magma giant’s bulk while forcing him to move against his will among volcanic eruptions that ultimately spell his doom…or yours.

Lord Rhyolith, henceforth known as “sexleg,” “camera blocker,” and “oh, is there an add in there somewhere”? This boss takes up a large amount of screen real estate, which makes picking up adds a lot more fun!

The Raid Group

Lord Rhyo only requires 1 tank to deal with the adds, so you’ll have a tank swapping to another role for this point (my co-tank goes DPS). You’ll still be running with 3 healers to deal with all the damage going out.

Group Makeup

  • Tank
    • Protection Paladin – Phase 1 Adds & Rhyolith for Phase 2
  • Healers
    • Discipline Priest – Tank Healer
    • Restoration Shaman – Raid Ranged Healer
    • Restoration Druid – Melee/Leg Healer
  • DPS
    • Balance Druid – Ranged Adds
    • Marksmanship Hunter – Ranged Adds
    • Frost Death Knight – Ranged Adds
    • Arms Warrior – Leg DPS
    • Enhancement Shaman – Leg DPS
    • Fury Warrior – Leg DPS

TTGF and Lord Rhyolith

Things to Note

Do everything in your power to avoid Rhyolith casting Drink Magma. This will happen ONLY if he gets close enough to the edge of his platform to drink. If this happens, your drivers need to work on their driving skills.

Concussive Stomp is just a pain that you’ll have to work through. I usually cast Divine Guardian on Rhyo’s first stomp to help the healers out, and then save it for Phase 2 to help out on all the damage the raid is taking.

Eruption. Sucks. This is why your DPS are driving Rhyo. Eruption stacks are placed on the raid when there are active volcanoes up. The less active volcanoes, the easier it is for the healers. An overwhelming amount of Eruption stacks on the tank can make or break the kill.

Walking Rhyo over active volcanoes to snuff them out also drops 10 stacks of his Obsidian Armor. The less armor he has, the more damage he takes! This is a good thing as you want to move into Phase 2 as quickly as possible.

Superheated shows up at the 5 minute mark and only appears if Rhyo hasn’t been pushed into Phase 2 by this point. Now, it’s a race to push Rhyo the final percentages so he’ll lose all his armor and be able to be picked up by your tank. Superheated HURTS, so you want to get out of this range as quickly as you can (or try to avoid it altogether).

Our Strat

There’s not much detail I can give you on this fight, as it’s primarily handled by the DPS driving Rhyo, so my explanation will be fairly short and to the point 🙂

  • Feet “tanks” run in and begin their DPS on Rhyo’s legs. Melee healer follows them in.
  • Add tank will hang back and wait for adds to spawn (which happens in 25 second intervals). We decided to keep all the DPS and the additional healers towards the outer edges of the platform for easy collapsing.
  • Fragments of Rhyolith spawn and are gathered up by the add tank to be AoE’d down. All the fragments need to die within 30 seconds or they start randomly charging raid member.
  • A Spark of Rhyolith spawns and is immediately dragged away from the raid by the add tank. Lots of AoE damage from this add, so you want your ranged DPS to burn it down as fast as possible.
  • Rinse and repeat on adds while your leg drivers run Rhyo around the platform, avoiding the edge and stomping on volcanoes (fun times, eh?).
  • If/when Rhyo becomes Superheated, be prepared to use a couple CDs to help push through to the 25% mark.
  • At 25%, all adds will despawn and Rhyo will be tankable. Haul your butt over to where he sits down and be ready to pick him up (usually I have a taunt ready for the healer who was healing melee adds as that’s who he usually runs at first).
  • Chain CDs as much as possible to help your healers out. There’s a ton of damage to the raid, and you’re the only tank, so do everything in your power to stay alive.


I hate this fight. I hate it so much. There’s so much RNG with volcano spawns, add spawns that usually are on the other side of the island (they like to say hi to the melee healer), etc.

Amusingly enough, we forgot to log our first Rhyo kill, so you get screenshots!

Our second Rhyo kill was logged, so here’s a link to what went down.

I’ve forgotten to record Rhyo videos, so maybe I’ll remember during our next raid.

Paladin Notes

Glyph Swap for Glyph of Divine Protection, use CDs liberally, etc. Be a good Paladin!

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  1. August 5, 2011 at 3:29 am

    Superheated is time-based, it does not necessarily start at 30%. Quick enough normal-mode kills won’t see it at all, pushing p2 before the time-limit is reached on heroic seems to make it start early.

    • August 5, 2011 at 9:53 am

      Good point. It usually shows up at 30% for us just due to volcano placement. I’ll modify the text to reflect the correct info!

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