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August 30, 2011 1 comment

So aside from overly delayed boss strat guides, I’ve been fairly quiet over here. I figure that today I can make up for lost time with a ton of blog posts, some of value, some for my own personal enjoyment.  This will be a random rundown of WoW stuff, real life, and other misc. things!

Raz in Sunwell

Real Life

So last week was sort of interesting! We had an earthquake in quiet little Virginia on August 23rd–a nice 5.8! It was the first time I’ve been in one since I lived in California and got to wake up to a 5.3. It was an odd sensation–I had stepped into my garage to put some recycle up and was walking back into the house when the floor started rolling. It sounded like a train outside and my first reaction, having lived here for so long was “oh my god, something has crashed.” This is sort of standard considering I live in a flight path and that Dulles Airport isn’t all that far away (my office is in the general vicinity). Me, being me, walked up the stairs into my family room and watched pictures sway on the walls while I listened to all the creaking of the house joists. Then it dawned on me. It was an earthquake!

Once the house stopped shaking, I sorta stood in the family room for a moment, shrugged, and went downstairs to check on Twitter, hit up the Internet, and rejoice over the fact that I now have an excuse to avoid cleaning the house.

The downside of the earthquake was that my cell phone and home phone stopped working for a couple hours. It was one of those fleeting moments where I was happy to discover that my IP phone for work was alive and well (CallManager is in another state), so I was able to make phone calls to friends and family to make sure everyone was okay.

Earthquake fun was followed up by Hurricane Irene fun. I scuttled off to the grocery store for miscellaneous food items, and got stuff brought inside on Friday, preparing for the wind and rain that blew through. The power dimmed a few times, but we never completely lost it. If we lost power and internet, it would have been a LONG weekend for me, probably resulting in wall climbing and spastic Tweeting from my cell phone!

Work has been pretty crazy–I finally took some much needed vacation last Thursday and Friday. Coming back to work on Monday was a culture shock, and I decided I needed more time off. So I’m taking off September 2nd through the 11th, just so I can do absolutely nothing but sit on my butt, play WoW, drink, probably go out to eat, and go shopping. I may even try to stay regular with blogging (again)!

Special Characters can be Taken Many Ways...


So WoW has been pretty amusing. I rolled a Draenei DK alt over on Medivh-US to harass the lovely members of Waypoint. I’m not sure if they knew what they were in for when they told me to roll an alt over there! I guess I was fairly amusing, because since then, several of them have rolled over on Drenden-US to deal with my wackiness at a Horde level!

In the process, Dee (@outbirk) decided to move her Belf Mage over so that she could get help with group quests and continue making her steady push to 85. This resulted in much humor, especially when she was trying to decide if she was going to keep her character name or not. Much humor was had in the discussion of “special characters” for the name.

Anyway, Dee decided to keep her name, special character added,and away we went, grinding her quickly to level 85! I’m leaving out many of the snarky party chat screenshots as Kirian and Raz had much amusement in LFD. As Dee put it, the other party members were probably hoping and praying Kirian would STFU and not drive the tank out of the dungeon! Much hilarity.

While leveling, we did a bunch of stupid stuff to support our Transmorgification needs. This included runs of Black Temple, Mount Hyjal, Blackwing Lair, and even Sunwell, where we both picked up fabulous Transmog gear!

What can I say, it’s been fun 🙂

Misc. Fun

What follows are some random (and fun), screenshots from our travels!

Raz solo'ing Forge of Souls

Working on the grind to 80–there was a dead mage involved!


Grinding for Battered Hilts for Raz and Kirian (at 84).

Raz in T6 in Sunwell

Taking in the scenery in the Sunwell.

Raz and Kirian Rockin' Old School BC Gear

At the Sunwell. Which definitely needs a new paint job–something about a demon being on the wall just doesn’t really jive with a purified fount of energy.


So Dee has been humoring me (and her) with random Raz sketches as I helped her level…

The first one amuses me greatly–because it’s Raz in a nutshell: sarcastic, amused, and more or less a “WAT” type picture!

ORLY? (I can't beat Dee's file name)

The second one is more of a character study, and Tweeps have seen it for a bit in uncolored form until yesterday, when the colored version went live. Well, the shoulders to head version went live on Twitter–now everyone gets to see the full cut of the pic <.<

Raz - Character Study

I adore them both! Thanks Dee for humoring both of us with these!


Firelands Tanking – 10M Majordomo Staghelm

August 30, 2011 1 comment

Majordomo Staghelm, Archdruid of the Flame

Ragnaros’ latest chief lieutenant stands before the door to his master’s chamber in Sulfuron Keep. Majordomo Staghelm’s treasonous efforts will all come to a head before the very seat of his new master.

So I have to be honest. I don’t know what I was expecting for Majordomo Staghelm, but it wasn’t the fight that we got. In fact, I felt like I was left at the boss altar, jilted by Domo, and as he ran by, he chucked some loot at me. There’s your random imagery for the week. (Now, that being said, he’s probably going to be a royal PITA tomorrow night when we return. That’s my luck.)

10M Staghelm felt like a mini boss of (non)epic proportions. The fight was over and done with faster than I could blink. To the point where I don’t think I had used many CDs simply because I didn’t think he’d die that fast.

In fact, I’ll let the screenshots tell the story of Staghelm:

Getting Ready to Pull Domo

The timestamp between those two tweets was 27  minutes. According to World Logs, our attempts were 10m11s from start to finish.

Antigen's Reaction

Poor AntEnveloping Shadows had been working on Domo 25M and had gotten him down–their raid time is earlier than ours, so they had their kill before we started working on ours. Obviously, 10M is a hell of a lot easier than 25M when you consider the positioning requirements of the fight.

@_Rades' Obvious Surprise

Rades’ comment sums up our thoughts that night. We all stood there over a dead corpse and scratched our heads and went “Really? That was it?”

Rades and I Discussing Domo

And yet, we’re deadly serious. I don’t feel that we even saw MUCH of the fight.

Which…makes writing this blog post VERY difficult, but…here goes!

Group Makeup

  • Tank
    • Protection Paladin (possibly the more bored, the better?)
  • Healers
    • Restoration Druid
    • Discipline Priest
    • Restoration Shaman
  • DPS
    • Frost Death Knight x 2
    • Fury Warrior
    • Marksmanship Hunter
    • Enhancement Shaman
    • Balance Druid

The Fight

There’s really no “phases” to the Staghelm fight–everything that happens is dictated by the raid.


We started with Staghelm in Scorpion form. In order for Domo to change into Scorpion form, at least 7 members of the raid need to stack. The raid wants to stack up on your tank (yes! In front of the boss!) so that the damage from Flame Scythe is spread across the entire raid. Every time that Domo casts Flame Scythe (at the cost of 100 energy), he will gain a stack of Adrenaline, which increases his energy regen by 20% per application. This means he will Flame Scythe even faster, making the healing overwhelming if you stay in the phase too long.


Cat form is activated when the raid spreads out. It would be in your best interest to plan with your raid before pull to determine where everyone is going to hang out for this phase. Ever so often, Domo will leap at a raid member, casting Leaping Flames where he lands. Said targeted raid member moves, and continues DPSing. As the tank, an add will spawn (in front of you), Spirit of the Flame, that you’ll want to pick up and hang onto as Domo comes bounding back over. Your DPS will focus fire down the Spirit before resuming work on Domo. You’re still dealing with Adrenaline, so DPS is very important.


When Domo goes human, everyone gets immobilized by Fiery Cyclone. Depending on the form swap, Domo will either cast Searing Seeds or Burning Orbs.

Neither of these matter to a tank, because you won’t be impacted, but I picked up an addon called Searing Seeds Tracker so I could see who may (or may not) kill me! Since all members of the raid are afflicted with different timers, only one person should be running out at any given moment to explode.

Assume your DPS and healers have a rotation figured out for Burning Orbs and you’re good.


Our Adrenaline stacks went as follows:

  • Scorpion 1: 10
  • Cat 1: 7
  • Scorpion 2: 9
  • Cat 2: 6
  • Scorpion 3: 6
  • Cat 3: 0

@_Rades Explaining Domo for Tanks

Paladin Notes

Use CDs on transitions between forms. Cast Holy Radiance if you’re bored. Maybe even Raid Wall. A quick scan of our logs shows that I didn’t do either. What can I say, I’m a bad Paladin!

At this point, I’m hoping you know how to swap glyphs around (Focused Shield) for specific fights, and since I move stuff around so regularly, I don’t keep track of these things most of the time.

Make sure you’re running with your Prismatic Elixir and Elixir of the Master. Use that trinket that will never leave your bags (Mirror of Broken Images).

And…umm…hope Domo keels over as quickly as he did for us?

Also, roll well so you can win the first shoulder token 😉

Dōmo arigatō (Someone had to do it)

Additional Data

World of Logs for TTGF’s Domo kill are here.

Firelands Tanking – 10M Alysrazor

August 30, 2011 3 comments

The Fire Hawk, Alysrazor

Are you ready to fly the fiery skies? Catch her singed feathers and use them to soar above the inferno, or perish at the whim of this swift fire hawk.

Ever wanted to rank on World of Logs for tank DPS? Well, the Alysrazor fight gives you that ability (and no, I haven’t ranked yet) with an interesting fight mechanic: you beat a baby fire chicken to death! Okay, maybe not a Fire Chicken, but a Voracious Hatchling. But, it’s on fire, so fire chicken is a good descriptor.

The Alys fight is interesting for tanks–not only do you need to be able to hammer out the DPS during the add phase, you need to be able to survive Alys herself when she needs to be tanked.

So let’s talk roast bird!

Group Makeup

  • Tanks
    • Protection Warrior
    • Protection Paladin
  • Healers
    • Holy Paladin
    • Restoration Druid
    • Restoration Shaman
  • DPS
    • Balance Druid
    • Frost Death Knight
    • Marksmanship Hunter
    • Fury Warrior
    • Frost Mage

@_Rades' Take on Tanking Duties on Alys

Phase 1

Phase 1 as a tank is pretty straight forward. Grab a Molten Feather to increase your movement speed (if you can, ninja 2), as it will help you dodge fire with your bird later on. Your responsibility is being ready to pick up your Voracious Hatchling that will spawn in the middle of the room and let loose some epic DPS (you’re buffed to increase damage by 1000%) in order to kill your baby bird before Phase 2 starts. You’re also dodging Brushfires, which are cast by the Blazing Talon Initiates that your ground DPS should be working to kill. Brushfires travel in a straight line and are easy to move out of, assuming you see them amongst all the other fire colored graphics going on around you.

While tanking your baby bird, he will go through various stages of need. Basically, if you have a kid, you’ll understand these exactly. First he’s Satiated, which  means he won’t eat your face for a good 15 seconds. But then he starts getting Hungry, and there’s a 20% chance that he’ll Tantrum on a hit. Tantrums are bad. Have you ever been in a restaurant, store, or god forbid, a vehicle, with a kid who is screaming, chucking stuff at you, etc? Yea, that’s a tantrum with a Voracious Hatchling. You want to avoid these at all costs.

To clear a tantrum, or avoid one altogether, you need to feed your baby bird. And what do baby birds like to eat? Well, in Firelands, baby birds like to eat Plump Lava Worms that are spinning in a circle doing a conal fire attack called Lava Spew. As an FYI, the fire hurts. REALLY BAD. Your goal is to not get your face chewed off, get your tantruming birdy to his worm, and avoid the fire. Sometimes this is easier said than done.

At the same time, your baby bird will do a 60° conal attack that hits everyone within 10 yards which applies Gushing Wound. When this happens, let your healers know to stop healing you long enough to let your health pool drop below 50%. Once your health pool plummets, Gushing Wound will fall off and your healers can top you  back off.

Survive the tantrums, avoid the fire, make sure your baby bird eats 4 worms (have your bird eat 2 worms the first spawn rotation, have him eat 2 more the second), and have him dead before Phase 2 starts.

Goblins will Haunt your Dreams...

Phase 2

Phase 2 is all about being able to envision where tornadoes are. I say envision, because usually Alys’ big flying bird body is blocking my camera view and I’m winging this phase. Your goal is to dodge tornadoes and survive so you can make it to Phase 3.

If you’re able to, hit the rings for Blazing Power, so you can move quickly on tornado dodging. Blazing Power rings are there to replace the buff you had from your Molten Feathers in Phase 1 (Alys strips the feather buff when she transitions into Phase 2).

Otherwise, don’t be like me and die because you stopped paying attention (first death in our kill went to me!).

Phase 3

Phase 3 is when Alys crashes back down to Azeroth. Your only responsibility for this phase is to go interrupt the heck out of Blazing Talon Clawshapers, who are channeling energy into Alys in order to reignite her. The more interrupts you do, the slower you move into Phase 4 (not by much, but every little bit helps).

Make sure you know which add you’re supposed to be interrupting. On some of our attempts, both tanks ended up at the same add….whoops… <.<

Phase 4

Phase 4 starts when Alys regains 50 Molten Power. At this point, a tank needs to grab her and turn her away from the raid (cleave deaths are bad, mmmkay?) while she casts Blazing Claw.

Now, we do this a bit bizarrely. Every guide I’ve read has a tank swap occur halfway through this phase. But, TTGF is hardcore, so we don’t tank swap (I have no clue why, our healers are just that damn good?). I just usually stand with the healers and DPS and look pretty while I wait for Phase 1 to start again.


Your goal is to limit the repeating of phases to 2. For our first kill, the goal was to have her around 60% after the first phase loop. This will get much better as your flying DPS get used to the role and can pump out the numbers while in the air. We had 3 phase repeats before she died, but we’ll definitely  be cleaning that up in the future.

TTGF and a Cooked Goose

Raz Notes for Alysrazor

As a Paladin, I’m usually woefully below hit cap and expertise cap (even with the glyph) due to my Mastery addiction. Alys requires me to modify my gearing a bit to handle the fight to the best of my ability. Here’s what I do:

Additional Data

First Alys World of Logs post for TTGF can be found here.

Things NOT to do in Raid…

August 11, 2011 7 comments

Voodoo Gnomes!

Everyone knows I run a lot of Zul’Agains. It wasn’t until I actually went and grabbed this screenshot that I realized JUST HOW MANY I’ve run <.<

But, the screenshot captures something amusing–Raz’s newest acquisition, the Miniature Voodoo Mask. Rants were held after I won the roll (this is par for the course, see Raz’s luck on gathering stuff that is COOL looking but isn’t gear) in guild chat (as normal). It was also a bear run, during which 4 of us were guildies in the run, 2 with bears, and the newest bear drop went to the PuGged healer. It’s the TTGF way.

Well, last night we were waiting for people to return from a 5-minute break in Firelands, and we were discussing the random stuff we collect. Mittenz pulled out her Mushroom Chair, and (of course) Raz had to one-up her by showing off his Voodoo gnome army.

Except for the fact that I forgot that the voodoo gnomes will attack aggressive mobs that they are nearby. And they did  by chain lightning the pack of elemental adds on the bridge leading to Bale/Alys/Rhyo. Vent basically had me  panicking and going “Oh ****! GUYS HEAL!” as I picked up 4 adds and hoped that we had at least 1 healer who wasn’t AFK in the area. Our other tank came racing back to pick up the adds right as I died and our healers ran back to their PCs to push out enough healing so that we didn’t wipe on trash.

And so, Mittenz, in all her infinite wisdom, asked the following question:

Mittenz is one of our sarcastic healers

And Raz probably DID learn from his mistake. But he’ll never admit it…

Raz's Voodoo Gnome Army

Things You Can’t Do with Lag: Raid (Duh)

August 9, 2011 2 comments

And it was ALL my fault...

Last night was an absolute clusterfuck of epic proportions. And I place the blame squarely on my shoulders for our worst night of raiding on the books.

The week started out on an interesting note–I forgot I had a video meeting in the office and had to race to get myself put together and in by 11:30a, the link bridge to talk between the two video setups was broken (and thus, going into the office was a waste of time), and then the fact that the sky opened up with issues as soon as I walked through the door. Then there’s the general commentary that I didn’t get home until almost 7p, my laundry didn’t get done, and my house is a disaster.

I got home and settled in at my PC for some WoL review, some dailies, some farming, and some general BS with guildies, and all was right in my little world. Until the lag showed up. And the lag got worse. And even more worse. 45 minutes before raid time, I was bouncing between 120ms and 1600ms of latency. As a tank, I like the lower number A LOT MORE.

260ms of latency and a dirty Nharzul

After spending time herbing, I jumped onto Raz to get ready to head into Firelands and HOPE (and pray) that the issue would clear up. I mean, it was almost 10p–whoever was downloading crap on my cable internet hub should be going to sleep soon, right? The same thing happened on Friday, though I suspect that was an AT&T network issue based on the traces I was running to Drenden’s datacenter.

We survive the hill leading up to Rhyo and get ready to pull. As a reminder, I’m the one and only tank for Rhyo (this matters). All is going well, and I’m picking up adds with only slight delay, and we’re cruising to a kill. Until I DC right when the next round of adds pop. I make it back into game to pick up the Spark, but we’re down a couple people because of my DC mishap.

The second attempt on Rhyo went better–I didn’t DC, but we weren’t expecting him to push to 25% as quickly as he did, so we weren’t ready with CDs and the raid bit the dust fairly quickly on Phase 2.

The third attempt was a successful kill with loot to be passed out! The raid was happy, I was hoping my latency was normalizing, and we headed off to Baleroc.

Any idea what a nightmare it is to announce you’re starting a pull with a 14K ping to your vent server? Any idea how hard it is to taunt for Decimation Blade with 3 seconds of lag? I do, and unfortunately, my guild knows now too.

I was in my Avoidance gear (I'm not THAT scrub)

After our 5th wipe on Baleroc (which I think all were caused by my lag or DCs), I told the team I was tired of wasting guild funds on repair bills caused by me and that I thought we should call the raid 30 minutes early.

Now, if you know me, I don’t do that. I will raid NON-STOP if we’re on a roll. I can easily raid 4-5 nights a week without issue. I love raiding! So for me to recommend calling it early was painful. I knew that the team wanted to get Bale down again, but we were already filling one slot out of guild, and if I stepped out we were probably going to have to fill another slot. Our healers had healing down, the tanks knew their role, and our DPS was rocking crystals. So we had good synergy, but damn if my latency didn’t want to screw it up for everyone.

So we called it.

The decision was to go burn through 2 remaining bosses in BoT on alts with someone’s save, so I jumped on my DK. Latency wasn’t too bad and we managed to get through Council and Cho’gall without issue (helps that I wasn’t tanking or healing).

We all decide to get 1 more chance at a token and head over to Throne. I swap back to Raz and am Prot for the raid. We had some directionally challenged folks, so the first attempt was a learning experience. We got the first boss trio down on the second attempt, and I make the call that I shouldn’t tank Al’Akir with my craptacular connection (which was only getting worse at that point). I switch to Holy and we have an “oops” pull and then get ready for our second attempt. Which was a wipe with Al’Akir at 122 health. Yep, 122. Even better was trying to dodge tornadoes with 2K latency and getting delayed alerts for Wind Bursts (yay for getting punted). So basically my rockin’ guildies were two healing the fight because I was absolutely worthless. We get back in for our 3rd attempt and I DC during P2 and get grabbed by a tornado. Well, at least that’s what Rades told me when I came back into game (and by some miracle, alive). But the best part of coming back into game WHILE IN COMBAT? NOTHING WORKS. I had no raid frames to heal, just my own. By some miracle, we pull through and get Al’Akir down (once again, poor healers are 2 healing the raid). With Al’Akir dead, my raid frames reset for me to discover that all the guildies in the raid were alive (yay)!

And no, my shoulder token wasn’t the one that dropped.

Today’s connection LOOKS stable, and I did switch to Google’s DNS servers because Comcast’s have been an absolute mess with me being unable to resolve Google 50% of the time. I called Comcast after our Al’Akir kill (so it was like 3:15a) to tell them to fix their crap and to get a tech out (which you know does absolutely nothing, but if you’re going to waste my evening, I’ll waste your day–I’m a vindictive biatch). So I have a tech coming on Thursday afternoon and I got a great phone recording this morning of “We fixed a network issue in your area. Do you still want a tech to come out?” YES. Because if I say no, SOMETHING will break again. I’ll decide on Thursday morning if I want the tech to come mess around with nothing.

And I’m still even more annoyed that they installed FiOS at each end of my neighborhood, and stopped within a 1/2 mile of my house. YES. A HALF MILE. The rage I had when they quit installing was incredible. I have no clue when they will come back and finish it up.

So hope you enjoyed my miscellaneous Tuesday rant about my shitty internet connection, how I screwed my guild out of a Baleroc kill, a clean Rhyo kill, and Alys attempts, AND looked like complete fail in the T11 stuff we PuGged…

Firelands Tanking – 10M Baleroc

August 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Baleroc, the Gatekeeper

Baleroc stands before the gate to Sulfuron Keep, amidst a river of combustion that serves as the Sulfuron moat. The bridge to Ragnaros’s blistering chamber can only be crossed by those who find a way to put an end to this towering elemental monstrosity.

Baleroc is a fight that I’m pleasantly happy with. As in, as long as I remember to taunt, I don’t have to worry about ANYTHING else in the fight. This makes me happier than a cat in cream–you have NO IDEA. It sucks for the healers and DPS, but that’s not what I do, so anyway, on to the meat of the Baleroc fight! <.<

The Raid Group

This fight can be done with one (more healing intensive) or two tanks. The way you choose to do the fight is your guild’s choice. We choose the two tank method in TTGF, which means I will never see health pools of epicness (maybe for alt runs).

Group Makeup

  • Tanks
    • Protection Paladin – Decimation Tank
    • Protection Warrior – Inferno/Everything Else Tank
  • Healers
    • Discipline Priest
    • Restoration Druid
    • Restoration Shaman
  • DPS
    • Frost Death Knight
    • Balance Druid
    • Marksmanship Hunter
    • Frost Mage
    • Enhancement Shaman

Things to Note

This fight is incredibly easy on the tanks–the rest of the party, well, not so much. The DPS have to worry about rotations for Crystal soaking, the healers have to gather up Vital Spark stacks by healing the DPS soaking the crystals, and then turn and use their healing stacks to heal the tanks.

As I mentioned, isn’t it great to be a tank? 😐

As a heads up, Decimating Strikes cannot be blocked, but they can be dodged or parried. Inferno blades can be blocked, dodged, AND parried. Keep this in mind should you choose to swap trinkets around/change up your buff food/etc.

Our Strat

I’m leaving out the DPS and healer duties. You can check out some of the other blogs linked on the Firelands Raid Strats page if you want DPS and healer perspectives.

  •  Decimation tank (me) runs in and picks up Bale. I will continue tanking Bale until I have about 350K health (we started with keeping me below 300K, roughly 275K, and that just wasn’t pretty).
  • Once my health pool is established, my co-tank taunts off me and begins to gain stacks.
  • When Bale “readies his Decimation Blade,” I taunt and watch the cast animation. I will rotate between Ardent Defender (usually one use due to CD) and Divine Protection.
  • Eat your Decimating Strikes like a champ for 15 seconds (Rhidach mentions a taunt method on his WI post, but we usually just have me eat the blades) and enjoy your 4 second healing debuff (-90% healing, whee!).
  • Have your co-tank taunt off and resume taking normal melee and Inferno Blade hits.
  • Rinse and repeat on Decimation Blade warnings–there is really nothing more going on for this fight that you need to worry about.


I like this fight, but we know I’m slightly “off.” It’s fun to sit in vent and listen to the healers rotate and the DPS to call out stacks, and all my co-tank and I are doing is saying “taunt” and “taunting.”  Consider it stress relief before going after Alys.

Don’t be surprised, we forgot to log this kill too <.< More screenshot action!

Paladin Notes

It may be worth dusting off your Avoidance set for this fight. Make sure you have your Glyph of Divine Protection ready for action.

Firelands Tanking – 10M Rhyolith

August 4, 2011 2 comments

Lord Rhyolith

Heroes face a difficult challenge: attack this massive magma giant’s bulk while forcing him to move against his will among volcanic eruptions that ultimately spell his doom…or yours.

Lord Rhyolith, henceforth known as “sexleg,” “camera blocker,” and “oh, is there an add in there somewhere”? This boss takes up a large amount of screen real estate, which makes picking up adds a lot more fun!

The Raid Group

Lord Rhyo only requires 1 tank to deal with the adds, so you’ll have a tank swapping to another role for this point (my co-tank goes DPS). You’ll still be running with 3 healers to deal with all the damage going out.

Group Makeup

  • Tank
    • Protection Paladin – Phase 1 Adds & Rhyolith for Phase 2
  • Healers
    • Discipline Priest – Tank Healer
    • Restoration Shaman – Raid Ranged Healer
    • Restoration Druid – Melee/Leg Healer
  • DPS
    • Balance Druid – Ranged Adds
    • Marksmanship Hunter – Ranged Adds
    • Frost Death Knight – Ranged Adds
    • Arms Warrior – Leg DPS
    • Enhancement Shaman – Leg DPS
    • Fury Warrior – Leg DPS

TTGF and Lord Rhyolith

Things to Note

Do everything in your power to avoid Rhyolith casting Drink Magma. This will happen ONLY if he gets close enough to the edge of his platform to drink. If this happens, your drivers need to work on their driving skills.

Concussive Stomp is just a pain that you’ll have to work through. I usually cast Divine Guardian on Rhyo’s first stomp to help the healers out, and then save it for Phase 2 to help out on all the damage the raid is taking.

Eruption. Sucks. This is why your DPS are driving Rhyo. Eruption stacks are placed on the raid when there are active volcanoes up. The less active volcanoes, the easier it is for the healers. An overwhelming amount of Eruption stacks on the tank can make or break the kill.

Walking Rhyo over active volcanoes to snuff them out also drops 10 stacks of his Obsidian Armor. The less armor he has, the more damage he takes! This is a good thing as you want to move into Phase 2 as quickly as possible.

Superheated shows up at the 5 minute mark and only appears if Rhyo hasn’t been pushed into Phase 2 by this point. Now, it’s a race to push Rhyo the final percentages so he’ll lose all his armor and be able to be picked up by your tank. Superheated HURTS, so you want to get out of this range as quickly as you can (or try to avoid it altogether).

Our Strat

There’s not much detail I can give you on this fight, as it’s primarily handled by the DPS driving Rhyo, so my explanation will be fairly short and to the point 🙂

  • Feet “tanks” run in and begin their DPS on Rhyo’s legs. Melee healer follows them in.
  • Add tank will hang back and wait for adds to spawn (which happens in 25 second intervals). We decided to keep all the DPS and the additional healers towards the outer edges of the platform for easy collapsing.
  • Fragments of Rhyolith spawn and are gathered up by the add tank to be AoE’d down. All the fragments need to die within 30 seconds or they start randomly charging raid member.
  • A Spark of Rhyolith spawns and is immediately dragged away from the raid by the add tank. Lots of AoE damage from this add, so you want your ranged DPS to burn it down as fast as possible.
  • Rinse and repeat on adds while your leg drivers run Rhyo around the platform, avoiding the edge and stomping on volcanoes (fun times, eh?).
  • If/when Rhyo becomes Superheated, be prepared to use a couple CDs to help push through to the 25% mark.
  • At 25%, all adds will despawn and Rhyo will be tankable. Haul your butt over to where he sits down and be ready to pick him up (usually I have a taunt ready for the healer who was healing melee adds as that’s who he usually runs at first).
  • Chain CDs as much as possible to help your healers out. There’s a ton of damage to the raid, and you’re the only tank, so do everything in your power to stay alive.


I hate this fight. I hate it so much. There’s so much RNG with volcano spawns, add spawns that usually are on the other side of the island (they like to say hi to the melee healer), etc.

Amusingly enough, we forgot to log our first Rhyo kill, so you get screenshots!

Our second Rhyo kill was logged, so here’s a link to what went down.

I’ve forgotten to record Rhyo videos, so maybe I’ll remember during our next raid.

Paladin Notes

Glyph Swap for Glyph of Divine Protection, use CDs liberally, etc. Be a good Paladin!

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