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Monday’s Words of Wisdom…

Eagle through Bear...

Come to me from @buglamp! We were having a lovely discussion around my fail ZA run with @DiscoPriest! Basically Disco and I zoned into ZA as a tank and healer at Eagle, with no timer. After it took 2.5 minutes to kill Eagle, I was paranoid. By the time I made it to Bear, I totally got why the other tank and healer left the group. The hunter who’s number 1 ability was auto-shot, who broke all the CC (including his own). The fact that Bear did the following transformations before dying: troll -> bear -> troll -> bear -> troll. Yes, that’s TWO full bear forms. I didn’t know that was physically possible. I also didn’t know I would top the damage meters as a tank. I politely told them there was no way in hell we were making it through Dragonhawk trash and that I wished them luck. And thus, Bug shared these epic words of wisdom:

I came here for the satchel, not for you guys to lick windows while I drive this short bus off a cliff.

Except for the fact that there was no satchel in it for me 😦

I’m  not even going to black out names in the screenshot…I used up all my effort trying to get through those 2 bosses…

EDIT: I looked at the armories of my three lovely DPS. Hunter was 359 ilvl, Ret was 358, and the mage was 357. Hunter was reforging into hit over hit cap, the mage was rocking spirit gems, and I don’t even want to guess what the ret was doing.

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  1. Uftimmy
    July 25, 2011 at 1:07 pm

    I consider it a good pug when one person does more than 10k. Sadly that doesn’t happen as often as you would expect.

    • July 25, 2011 at 2:45 pm

      Most of my ZA runs are 3 chests, usually closing in on 4. My last run we missed the 4th chest by a minute. So we usually do very well and I’m used to intelligent DPS. This group was on the fail train when it left the station apparently. Best part was that NONE of them said a word for as long as I was in there.

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