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Adventures in Healing…

Lulz, healing gear

Healing!?! Wait, I thought you tanked?!? Well, I sorta do a little bit of both! For raiding, definitely doing the tank thing! But for goofing off, I have fun healing–it helps me stay on my toes and stay in touch with how I started playing a Paladin.

Like all good raiders, a group of us try to get together and do our weekly VP grind as guild randoms–less chance to get people who aren’t on the ball, who’s play style we don’t know, etc.

Aldous is normally our crazy Boomkin, but he tanks as needed (or when he’s bored and I don’t feel like tanking). We needed to cap our VP in Zuls (too lazy to wait for raid), so he agreed to tank and I said I’d heal. We took Nerys on his cat and Mal on his fury warrior, and ended up having to PuG the final slot due to lack of interest in guild.

All was going well–we were steamrolling everything  and easily got 3 chests. It wasn’t until we saw the timer at 3 chests that we realized we stood a chance. Suddenly, we were all sitting at our PCs, hearts pounding and I said in vent “pull ALL the mobs, we’ve got this.” We proceeded to start chaining pulls like madmen, stuff was falling over as we ran to the next pack. We engaged Lynx and went for the gold. Until I thought I had gotten a bubble off and hadn’t. And fell over dead -.- BUT! We had a druid (2 of them in fact!)! Who battle rezzed me (thanks Nerys!)! And then promptly keeled over dead >< BUT, the DPS managed to keep it together, I managed to keep everyone up, and we did it!


To make it even sweeter, I managed to win the pink bear. It coordinates well…sorta..maybe not.

Either way, I can now say I’m competent enough healing with a great tank and crazy DPS to make a bear run. Now we just need to finish getting them for the rest of the team!

We ended up doing ZG with the PuGged hunter after ZA, who asked us if we wanted to do the achievement in Jin’do. I did something stupid and died on his platform and was like “umm…how about no since I derped?” The hunter laughed and we finished up without issue.

I’ve also been trying to figure out how to spend an abundance of JP points that I don’t need for ANY of my gear sets. It just so happens that we were discussing doing Guild Rated BGs and Arenas. Now, ignoring the fact that I haven’t healed an Arena, EVER, and that I haven’t healed a BG since Wrath, I thought “sure, why not?” It’s not like I don’t already have 2 other gear sets (not counting my avoidance pieces in my bank), on top of also being an enchanter (why do I do this again?). So I have begun the fun of gathering PvP gear, researching specs/itemization/etc. so I can participate in crazy PvP fun! I’ve gotten 2 pieces so far, but still went in to Tol’Barad (needed to win it before raid) in my PvE gear and had success!

I have 157 HKs, so pitiful

And a lot of bonus PvP achievements to prove I didn’t do a lot of PvP on Raz <.<

I may or may not amuse you with more healing stories at a later date. But I wanted to share this one (and post another “Raz won a mount against a party of people AGAIN” post).

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