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Firelands Tanking – 10M Beth’tilac

The Red Widow, Beth'tilac

Her fiery webs reach far overhead, daring her adversaries to simultaneously face their fears of both spiders and heights. Only by taking hold of her webs and climbing into her domain yourself will you find a way to thwart her evil designs.


Oh Beth’tilac…how I loathe you…

That being said, the Beth’tilac fight is fairly simple as a ground tank. @_Rades summed it fairly easily on Twitter. The ground tank is only responsible for taunting Cinderweb Spinners, tanking Cinderweb Drones, and swapping with the web tank on Beth’tilac during phase 2.

Rades' tanking explanation

At some point I may be on the top of the web, but so far I haven’t been gifted (or is it cursed?) with that role.  As our healer, Mittenz, puts it: “You’re watching out for fire on a fiery web in a fiery red zone. It sucks.” So, no fiery web talk from me! Instead, you’re getting a fairly generalized discussion of what it’s like to hang out down on the ground.

Group Makeup

For our first kill, we used the following team:

  • Tanks
    • Protection Warrior – Web Tank
    • Protection Paladin – Ground Tank
  • Healers
    • Discipline Priest – Web Healer
    • Restoration Shaman – Ground Healer
    • Restoration Druid – Ground Healer
  • DPS
    • Marksmanship Hunter x 2 – Spiderling Kiters
    • Frost Death Knight – Web DPS (up for 2 cycles)
    • Enhancement Shaman – Web DPS (up for 3 cycles)
    • Balance Druid – Spinners

TTGF's Beth'tilac Positioning

Phase 1

Phase 1 is an interesting experiment in communication. On the pull, your responsibility should be to taunt a Spinner down and tank it while your web tank takes the thread up to the web. A DPS should be taunting another Spinner down alongside you so that your healer can get up the web as well. Time is of the essence when starting the Beth’tilac fight; she is raining down Venom Rain on your raid if no one is on the web, so you want to get your tank up on the web as quickly as possible to interrupt the strain on your healers. Once your tank is up, the healer should soon follow. Depending on your raid make-up, you may need to bring down 1-2 additional spinners to send DPS up on the web. Usually I will taunt 2 Spinners (one for my co-tank, one for a DPS) in total before getting ready to pick up the Drone.

The Cinderweb Drones always spawn from the same location. Drones need to be faced away from the raid (who should try to be grouped up in the center of Beth’tilac’s area) due to a conal attack that they hit the tank with. This is one of those moments where you want your DPS to remember to be BEHIND the mob (if this is something they struggle with). Your responsibility as Drone tank is to 1/ keep the mob facing away from the raid, and 2/ drag them around Beth’tilac’s area while keeping the baby Cinderweb Spiderlings as far away from the Drone as possible. I usually have assistance from my DPS calling about Spiderling spawn locations (it varies), and if I need to move the Drone due to Spiderling encroachment. You don’t want the Drone and the Spiderlings to interact–if Spiderlings get too close to the Drone, the Drone will eat them and receive a buff (each Spiderling heals a Drone for 20% of it’s maximum health and allows the Drone to gain a stacking buff which increases their damage done and movement speed by 20%). Basically, you never want Mr. Drone to meet the Spiderlings.

While you are having a blast dragging a spider around with your melee (if any), your ranged DPS will be killing off any remaining Spinners that are hanging out above your heads and assisting on Drone killing.

Three times during Phase 1, Beth’tilac will case Smoldering Devastation, which is the web-team’s warning to get down off of the web! The ground team will still be doing their previous tasks–melee who come down off the web should be assisting the Drone tank to finish off the add, and your ranged are still going to town on the Spinners and Spiderlings. For the last 2 Smoldering Devastations, I’m usually not taunting any of the Spiderlings down (I’m usually distracted with Drones), so your melee DPS need to make sure they are coordinating with each other to get your tank and healer back up on the web.

Once the third Smoldering Devastation has been cast, Beth’tilac will come down her web and Phase 2 begins.

The moment before the pull

Phase 2

Your goal during Phase 1 is to try and bring Beth’tilac’s health pool down as low as possible, thus reducing the time you are kept in Phase 2. Your goal in Phase 2 is to kill Beth’tilac before she makes quick work of your tanks.

Phase 2 brings 3 new abilities into the fight:

  • Frenzy – Stacking buff which increases her damage done by 5% per stack.
  • The Widow’s Kiss – A 20 second debuff on Beth’tilac’s main target. The debuff places Widow’s Kiss on the target, which reduces healing taken by 10% per stack. Tanks inflicted with the debuff also want to be away from their co-tank and raid team, as they will damage their raid if anyone is within 10 yards of them.
  • Consume – Beth’tilac heals herself by 10% of her maximum health should she land on any Spiderlings that are still alive when she comes down.

The responsibility of the tanks are to swap their threat leads on Beth’tilac once she casts The Widow’s Kiss. If the raid is positioned properly, only the tank afflicted should be taking damage from the debuff.

Dead Spider!

Blow cooldowns in a good order and soon the spider should be crushed under your heel! Collect loot and move on to your next boss of the night!

Paladin Specifics

Nothing really stands out to me on this fight specifically, aside from good and measured use of your cooldowns. I will cast Holy Radiance when Beth’tilac first goes up the web to help out with healing. When going into Phase 2, make sure you  have all of your cooldowns available, as you will probably be chaining your shield walls as Beth’tilac gains more Frenzy stacks.

Additional Data

First Beth’tilac World of Logs post can be found here.

Kill video will be published as soon as I find time to edit it!

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