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I Apparently Didn’t Learn…

Even Kael is Facepalming Me (AGAIN) 😦 (Art by K_Rocket on Deviant Art)

The first time -.- I apparently hit API cap on Twitter again. AGAIN. Yes! Miri is a social butterfly!

There was RP discussion with @snack_road (spillover from yesterday) that involved Raz dealing with an elf obsessed warlock who likes to Death Coil him and as Snack put it:

She just wants to get to know Raz, lose herself in his perfect hair, to learn his hopes, his dreams, his fears. Especially fears.

So Raz had to remind her about the whole “Alliance sorta screwed us” past between the High Elves and the Alliance. But she’s a sweet warlock (with a grumpy Draenai friend played by @outbirk), so who knows what will come in the future! O.O

Other things that happened–discussion about using Fraps to review raid footage, how epic paladins are, how all the Twitter warlocks ganged up on Raz (I have NO CLUE), how me retweeting a blog post from @Rhidach got both of us featured on a Star Wars blog (where I’m apparently a big submitter, wait, what?)…

And right before I was so rudely cut-off by Twitter’s API limit, there was great discussion between @_Rades, myself, @Buglamp, and @no_funeral about making a machinima STARRING FABULOR, with supporting roles from Shieldplay and Raz. The music? Well, something that @healbot linked today in Twitter:

So on the bright side, I can use my “block” from Twitter to get caught up on work, and work on the long overdue tanking strat guide (short and sweet on  this one guys!) for Beth. Oh, and I need to finish editing/splicing together the Beth kill video and recompress Shannox so you can actually SEE something.


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