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Firelands Tanking – 10M Shannox

The Flamewalker, Shannox

The ferocious flamewalkers of Firelands are terrifying enough, but Shannox has brought companions to his side in defense of the Firelands. This mighty hunter will require that you find a way to deal with his blazing pets before he burns you to a crisp.

Shannox, the chief hunter of Ragnaros’ domain, the Firelands, is an incredibly fun boss fight that requires awareness and clear communication between the raid members to have a successful kill.

The Raid Group

Due to July 4th being a holiday in the States, we were having issues fielding a raid with very short notice on July 3rd in order for us to try and get some attempts in on Shannox. Phone calls were made, Trade and General were bothered and we eventually got started. We were running with a non-normal comp, so we were trying to make due with what we had until more guild members trickled home.

We started working through trash, swapping PuGged members out as necessary, and had some spectacular trash deaths when we got over zealous and bit off more than we could chew!

We probably poked around with trash for over an hour trying to get Shannox’s emotes to continue before he finally spawned, practically on top of us due to a missing 3rd emote! Thanks for the warning buddy!

Group Makeup

When we were settling in for our last collection of attempts, our raid group was populated as follows:

  • Tanks
    • Protection Warrior – Shannox
    • Protection Paladin – Riplimb
  • Healers
    • Holy Paladin – Shannox Tank
    • Restoration Druid – Riplimb Tank
    • Holy Priest – Raid
  • DPS
    • Frost Death Knight
    • Beast Mastery Hunter
    • Marksmanship Hunter
    • Frost Mage
    • Enhancement Shaman

Firelands Raid Map

The Sweet Spot

Once we had Shannox active, we moved into our preferred spot for the boss fight. We like to use the southwestern part of the Molten Fields, over near Beth’tilac’s Lair, for our fight.

We messed with positioning several times, trying to position Riplimb far enough away from Shannox but still stay within 60 yards of each other to avoid the enrage that happens when they get too far apart. There was also the challenge of finding Crystal Prisons to stash Riplimb into right before Shannox tosses his harpoon. Utilizing the Crystal Prisons helps the tanks drop their Jagged Tear stacks, which reduces stress on the healers.

We ended up using (roughly) the positioning pictured below:

TTGF's Shannox Positioning

This gave us enough movement for me to drag Riplimb to the Crystal Prisons, Shannox’s tank to maintain the 60 yard radius, and still allow us enough spacing for harpoon tosses and AoEs.

Crystal Prisons

The intelligent use of the Crystal Prisons (IE, not by your raid team) can make or break this fight.

Both tanks are taking a bleed from Shannox and Riplimb that is called Jagged Tear.  Jagged Tear is a stacking debuff that deals 3000 damage every 3 seconds for 30 seconds. If Riplimb can be stashed into a Crystal Prison right before Shannox’s spear lands, it enables the tanks to drop their stacks of the debuff (Shannox is applying Jagged Tear via his harpoon–if he is not in possession of the harpoon, the Shannox tank can drop his stacks) before picking up their respective mobs again.

Riplimb can be afflicted by a buff called Wary, which enables him to be immune to traps. If Riplimb pops Wary, the Riplimb tank will be unable to trap the dog just prior to the harpoon toss, which will result in the inability to shed Jagged Tear stacks.

If tanks are unable to drop their stacks, their incoming damage will skyrocket. The graph below shows my incoming damage after several failed traps due to Wary–I was carrying multiple stacks. If the timing is good, I can pop Divine Shield to let stacks fall off, but that’s assuming I have less than 8 seconds left on my stacks. In the graph below, I was unable to drop stacks and there were some stressful moments for both my healer and I!

Incoming Tank Damage for Shannox

Our Strat

Our strat for Shannox was as follows:

  • Tanks pick up their targets and move into position.
  • DPS begin to whittle down Rageface, keeping in mind that a 30K hit is needed to have him drop his focus (AKA his Face Rage target) AND that whoever performs the hit will proceed to tank Rageface 15 seconds.
  • Should Rageface end up in a trap, all DPS switches to Riplimb.
  • The Riplimb tank is targeting Crystal Prisons (the dark red hunter looking traps) for preparation for a harpoon toss to trap Riplimb (and being mindful of the Wary buff).
  • Riplimb tank traps Riplimb when the harpoon graphic appears and hangs out waiting for Riplimb to retrieve the harpoon, deliver it to Shannox and run back. If Riplimb cannot be trapped, both tanks will need to kite their respective mobs until their Jagged Tear stacks fall off.
  • DPS kills Rageface, which gives Shannox the Frenzy buff, which increases attack speed by 30% and physical damage dealt by 30%.
  • Ranged DPS swaps to Riplimb and take him down to 6% before switching over to Shannox and pushing him to around 35%.
  • If the Riplimb tank hasn’t killed Riplimb by this point, ranged switch to Riplimb, kill him (which applies a second stack of Frenzy to the Shannox tank), and all CDs are blown. At this point, our hunters were MDing Shannox onto me in case we lost our warrior tank. You are now in a DPS race to kill Shannox before he kills your tanks.
When it’s all said and done, you collect your loot (Eye of Purification and Bracers of the Dread Hunter for our Holy Paladin) and pat yourself on the back for once again staying out of bad stuff!

Shannox Down!


Once we got the positioning figured out, we had a 5.6% wipe that showed us we could do the fight without issue. We continued plugging away into the late night hours (it was approaching 4a for me) and on what we agreed to call our final run netted us our kill! There was great communication from the healers regarding their hardships, the tanks announcing their bleed stack counts (and when they were dropping off), communication about Riplimb in traps, and me calling out if people were getting close to traps. The end result was a perfectly smooth guild kill with everyone alive! Great job by all and grats to Anti on his new loot!
Our World of Logs report can be found here.
Paladin Specific Info
Protection Paladins will want to reglyph specifically for this fight as one of your glyphs could totally mess up the pull. Remember, Shannox and his pets are NOT tauntable, so if the pull goes wrong, it may just be worth calling for a wipe.
I normally run Glyph of Dazing Shield for trash and heroics, but for Shannox, you will definitely want to swap to Glyph of Focused Shield, simply to cancel out any chances of Avenger’s Shield jumping and hitting Shannox when your other tank is trying to grab Shannox.
Remember this, and your raid will love you.
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