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20 Days of WoW Blogging – Day 8 – 10 Things You Don’t Know About Me…

Mutitasking FTW!

So today’s topic is a fun one! Ten things I managed to leave out of my “About Me” post. Which, honestly, doesn’t surprise me in the least that I forgot stuff. So, be prepared for some fun with the list below!

The header is a snapshot from my office back in my AOL days. I had a habit of alt-tabbing while working and browsing some forums, which you’ll learn more about shortly!

1. High School nerd points:

  • I was Editor-in-Chief of my High School newspaper.
  • I was one of 2 joint Presidents in our after-school AV club, handling the video production side of things.
  • I did theatre–stage management, lighting, sound, set construction for two major school productions (Grease and Annie). Our shows were sold-out for the 3 nights we performed!

2. My degree is in Network Security and I minored in Business Management.

  • I changed majors three times in 1 year!
  • I started in Marketing before swapping to Computer Science and then changing (AGAIN) to Network Security.

My 2002 Garage Queen WS6

3. Cars
I’m a reformed car freak–in the header screenshot, I’m on a car forum! Prior to getting heavily into WoW (and deciding I only needed to be supporting ONE expensive hobby), I was known to race cars on the weekends (and sometimes weeknights, but *cough*illegally*cough*). I had a Mustang in High School that I took with me to college, and I acquired a 2002 Trans Am WS6 in 2003. I sold the car in 2007 with 12K miles on  the odometer. I’ve turned wrenches, installed headers and audio systems, and spent all day detailing cars! I now drive a Yukon, so it’s not incredibly sporty, but maybe one day we’ll pick up another sports car in the form of an M3 or something.

4. Computer Games
So when I wasn’t out until all hours running the roads with my car buddies in college, I was sitting up in all-night Diablo 2 sessions. I can sadly say that I almost flunked out of college due to my gaming habits. We were even so hardcore, that we did multi-way calling while we played so we could communicate without typing (hello derpy Ventrilo)! My roommates in college must have hated me fiercely for it. Though it helped me earn HUGE brownie points with my guy friends.

5. PC Repair
For spare cash, I did PC repair in college. In my dorm room. I asked to be paid in booze, food, or money, if they actually had it. It was not unusual to see computer parts strewn across our dining table when I was working on someone’s machine. I also used to get calls from my sorority sisters in the middle of the night when they’d hose their Windows file structure.

6. Sorority Life
With all my geekiness, I was in a sorority in college: Zeta Tau Alpha. I was carrying on the family tradition of being a member of a Greek society. Most people don’t expect this when they consider my degree and my outside interests!

7. Egypt
When I was younger, I wanted to be an archaeologist focusing on Egyptology. I used to spend every waking moment reading about Egyptian history because I was so into all aspects of the culture. Once I realized that I didn’t like playing in dirt, and that I’d make no money, I changed up my profession plans! Instead, I married an Archaeologist who played in the dirt for a couple years before deciding there was no money in the field and switched to network engineering. At least Mal has as much interest in Egyptian history as I do, so we’ve got some neat things sprinkled throughout the house that came as gifts from family and friends abroad.

8. Disney
I love Disney animated movies! My favorites are Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King. On nights when Mal has to work late for a maintenance, I’ll stick one in the BluRay and veg out. I’ve even gone to New York to see The Lion King on Broadway (wonderful show!) and grab tickets to it since it has started to travel. I think that B&tB, Aladdin, and TLK were part of a Disney renaissance and am very glad that I was able to enjoy them when I was younger, and still be able to enjoy them as an adult! We had a shadow priest in BC that would sing Disney songs (he had young kids) randomly during our raids, and we’d all join in. Disney movies are usually something that transcend age, which makes them pretty cool in my book!

9. Identify “Theft”
I impersonated the Assistant Dean of my school to get an A+ in my Information Warfare class. Yep, I totally took a class about Information Warfare and it was taught by the Assistant Dean of the Information Technology & Engineering School at my college. Our final project was to participate in an Information War, utilizing all the things we had learned in the class about social engineering, data manipulation, etc. We were able to align ourselves to one of eight “groups” that were in the war, and we had to figure out who our allies and enemies and capture it in our final presentation. The small team that I was on was the “hacking” team, and we decided to go all out with our end project. It didn’t dawn on us that we might get expelled for what we did until we went to present! We went through historical email traffic from our professor, gathered information about the other teams, and basically spoofed communications from our professor in her writing style to the rest of the teams, providing bonus tidbits of information on how the war was “evolving.” We honestly didn’t expect anyone to bite on our emails, and we were completely shocked when the presentations were done and people were including our additions into their presentations and talking about HOW IT SWAYED their decisions with who to ally with! The realization that people actually bought what we fed them (all 7 of the other teams!) and the look on our professor’s face which basically could be described as “WTF is going on here?” made our presentation quite stressful. We basically opened up with the picture on the right and asked the members of our class if they had learned anything in the semester. We got a bunch of crazy looks before we asked them to point to the person who sent them ongoing communications about the war. Everyone pointed at our professor, who was growing more and more confused. We then asked our fellow students how they knew the emails came from our professor. Slowly, all the arms lowered and a look of realization settled across all the other members of the class. We proceeded to continue through our presentation and explain how we had no allies, but how we used everything we had learned in the class to lead all the other members of the war astray. When we were done, we were all sweating bullets, wondering if we were even going to graduate after what we had done. Our professor, the Assistant Dean, sat back in her chair and smiled before asking the class “so, who won the war?” Slowly, everyone looked at us and nodded. We closed down our presentation with the simple understanding that you can never believe everything you read and to never be afraid to question the facts, no matter how reliable they seem to be. Two weeks after that presentation, I walked across the stage and accepted my Bachelor of Science from the same Assistant Dean I had impersonated!

10. WoW!
I used to not like WoW. For reals! Mal started playing right after release (when he could finally get his hands on a copy of the game–remember when they stopped selling copies of WoW because the realms were overloaded?), and I basically made fun of the game. Mal tried tirelessly to get me into the game while we were dating, and I would have nothing to do with it! What caught my eye in WoW was the Mini Diablo pet you got with the Collector’s Edition. As a die-hard Diablo fan, it was a must have in my book.  What finally sealed the deal for me was the South Park WoW episode. I’m not sure why, but it got me interested in the game. Amusingly enough, I still have that episode on my ancient and decrepit Tivo that I just turned off and relegated to the storage space. That episode made me think that this game just MIGHT be fun–and probably MORE FUN if Mal would give me the Collector’s Edition account so I could have that REALLY cute Mini Diablo. So I guess I should give South Park credit for getting me into WoW and blessing (or is it cursing) you all with my presence!

  1. Ruana
    June 29, 2011 at 3:19 pm

    Oh wow, someone else who recalls them not sending out copies because the servers were too busy! That’s why my husband got about a 3 week headstart on me in the game; he got the last copy at BestBuy (someone mentioned they had one in the back, and it was slightly damaged (the box) and I think they were saving it for other employees, but once he heard about it, he had to have it). I had to wait 2-3 weeks before I got one directly from Blizz.

  1. September 11, 2012 at 3:57 pm

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