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20 Days of WoW Blogging – Day 7 – Your Blog’s Name

So today’s post is probably going to be pretty brief seeing how it’s after 1a, I haven’t slept well lately, and I totally have our CEO coming into my office in less than 6 hours. Yes, this will be short, and I will be living by java to get through the rest of the day.

So, without any more rambling on my part, WHY is my blog named Guarded by the Light? Originally, I had no name for my blog–it was just a dumping ground of my random thoughts with some hope that I could corral whatever I had to say into one spot and make it not be too crazy so that people might want to read it. Or something. Trust me, you’ll discover I post very random things and that I have a very casual writing style, so you’ll either love what I write, or flee from my apparent lack of skills for writing.

So, back to the blog name. Guarded by the Light is a talent in the Protection Paladin tree, in the 5th tier. The spell is as follows: Increases your Word of Glory by 5/10% when used to heal yourself. In addition, any overhealing will create a protective shield equal to the amount of overhealing that lasts for 6 seconds.

I could also say that all the other good talents I like and use regularly were already in use by other bloggers as their blog names! Since I love my Paladin(s) so much, I wanted to stick with a skill that belonged to them, and thus, Guarded by the Light was born.

My apologies for this being short and sweet, but I’ve been absolutely ADD with 4.2 hitting today, relocating Raz off of Area 52, and trying to tie up some loose ends with work.

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