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Reins of the Raven Lord

Razíel & Anzu in Undercity

Why yes, something seems to have dropped for me!  I’ve got to admit, I totally wasn’t expecting the Reins to drop yesterday while I was doing my mount runs. It’s been a lucky week–I’ve picked up the White Hawkstrider off Kael’Thas, the Orb of the Sin’Dorei from Magister’s Terrace, and now, Anzu.  When I clicked on the corpse and I saw the mount, it was a combination of elation for getting it, and then the dread of realizing that Mal has a vendetta with this bird dating back to BC, and he STILL hasn’t seen it  drop.  I called him, IM’d him Raz’s Amory link, and waited for it to sink in–figuring it would be better to tell him as SOON as it happened rather than wait.  Probably one of the rare moments my husband has hung up on me (though he claims it was for dramatic effect)!

My healer doesn't love me /sniff

In the process, I’ve taken a lot of crap from guild mates over the mount.  I captured some of the best (in my mind) and decided to share them here.  Since these are prior to last night, I should note that Mal DID get the Raptor from ZG last night, so he has no room to talk now 😉  Since the mount dropped during the day, a small group of us were online and talking about the different types of tanks.  Several guildies are leveling Prot warriors right now, so we were trying to figure out who’s the easiest to heal.  At the same time, I was being asked to tank for badges for people, and my  healer decided that I wasn’t worth healing because of Anzu.  Another gem came later in the day (pieced together since it was a rather long moment of harassment).

My guild loves their GM.

Not only am I on the shit list for Anzu, I’m also on the shit list for the Drake of the North Wind, which dropped for me months ago!  As everyone likes to point out, I seem to have insanely good luck.  Too bad none of the loot I want in ZA has dropped -.-  I’ve been told I can’t complain about my lack of tank loot, because I’ve got mount loot.  They may be on to something… The best part?  When we were doing ZG (so when you’re mounting and running to the next bosses/trash pulls), my priest is having a blast Leap of Faithing me back to him, and commenting “I can’t stand to have that bird ass in front of me, so you stay in the back!”  This happened several times–I’m sure the Pugged DPS thought we were absolutely fucking mental, especially with this one comment that my  healer made–it was something like “if you duel me and I win, will you drop the raven mount?”  Most of the time I pity any PuG person we get–we’re too crazy for our own good.


Aahhhh…more guild harassment as our other achievement freaks sign on!  The best part was how my healer described his farming attempts with Anzu.   I feel bad for the guy–he’s said he’s given up on it–farmed it over 100 times before he threw in the towel.  What’s also not captured was the discussion about how I got the Vial of the Sands pattern in my first Tol’vir relic from Archeology on my hunter.  If you want to see people rage, just mention that pattern to any Archeologist and see how it goes…Which reminds me, I need to keep plugging away on Archeology on Raz because the neck I want drops from the Archeology boss in ZG -.-  And none of the DPS have Archeology leveled, but we’re all working on it!  Sadly, I leveled it on my hunter, who I rarely play, so I get to go through the leveling hell again.

Testing my luck...

And since I’m apparently so lucky, I got more snark as the evening rolled on.  It was to the point that I was hiding in Org from my healer because of the LoF fun…now that I think about it, I think we were still grouped, so he was able to find me rather easily…I’ll file that under “whoops, blonde moment.”

Well, I guess I should go get started on Archeology…again… Mal still hasn’t gotten the ZG bow on Riv, and I need my damn neck, so I guess I should be ready to run  the instance this evening…

More blog posts “percolating” (as my PM likes to say)–got several things I want to write about–just need the time to put them on paper…or my screen?  Something.

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