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Patch 4.1 – Zul’Again!

The trolls are returning–this time with “new” loot!

A lot of good memories for me and WoW can be traced back to Zul’Aman.  Building groups specifically to aim for the timers (we could regularly get 3 out of 4) while we were still rocking our T5.  I remember that none of the hunter loot ever dropped while I was in there -.-

I’m composing this while watching the only Fraps’d ZA fight that was recorded in BC by my guild.  Amazingly enough, they hauled in 3 paladins!  1 Prot (good ol’ Vit) and Mal and Nad for healing.  Mal & Nadaela were our two best geared holy pallies and they rocked the heals.  Raid makeup in the video is Tanks:  Warrior & Paladin, Healers:  2 Holy Paladins & a Resto Druid, DPS: Enhancement Shaman, 2 Warlocks (Destro and Affliction if I recall correctly), 1 Shadow Priest, 1 Mage  (can’t remember spec).

Video of the fight after the jump.

So anyway…enough living in the past–let’s look at what 4.1 is bringing to us when the servers come back online!

  • Call to Arms in the Dungeon Finder!
  • 70 VP for the first 7 heroics you run each week!
  • Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub are back as Heroic 5-mans (Tier 2 heroics)
  • Tanking Heirlooms!
  • Maelstrom Crystals for purchase with JP and Honor!
  • Guild Challenges
  • Guild Recruitment/Finder Interface
  • New Archeology lewt (tanking shield, pets, etc.)
  • New cooking & Fishing dailies in other cities other than Org (TB/UC)
And my thoughts:
  • Probably going to  be avoiding CtA as a tank for the time being.  I still want to learn the instances–which means I  need to keep running stuff on Azrael in all his crappy geared glory.
  • I’ve completed 1 heroic in Cata…I’m not expecting to top out in Valor points any time soon.
  • ZA/ZG – Not even CLOSE to the gear requirements to get in here (see heroic comment).
  • Heirlooms are nice, but I actually enjoy leveling without them now–Blizzard did a really good job with redesigning the quests in the Vanilla content that I like to stop and smell the roses now 🙂  Maybe that’s why I keep rolling alts…rumor has it that I might be rolling another warrior (I have 3 currently) and leveling as Prot…male belf or female orc…undecided at this time /smirk
  • Maelstrom Crystals–it’ll take me forever to find the badges to get them, but hopefully the market will become cheaper.  Enchanting has been a challenge this Xpac for me.  Maybe I’m not remembering Wrath as well as I could,  but I never recall clutching my mats as close to my chest as I’ve done this time around.  I’ve even been dusting off Wrath enchants for guildmates.
  • Guild Challenges – it’s already a challenge getting 3 of us on…I don’t expect us to be partaking in guild challenges until…
  • Guild Recruitment Interface gets configured by your’s truly.  I need to find some more people.  All I ask is you not talk about your drug habits, be an adult (tech field works out REALLY well), sign on and WANT to play.
  • Archeology is always fun for me–Mal likes it because it reminds him of his first job (yes, my husband is my own personal Indiana Jones :> ).  I like it because I can drink heavily and click on the ground while squinting.
  • More dailies…I can barely find the interest to do the current ones,  but here’s hoping that having them spread out will reduce the number of people in Org.
Other good things:  Cross-Account transfers on the same Battle.net accounts.  This is a godsend for me as Mir is the 525 archeologist.  Now she can pass stuff to Raz and other alts and get some things out of her already overflowing bank.
Another happy day:  rezzing released people in your party/raid.  Nothing sucks worse as a Healbot user than having to look for someone’s corpse, flip open your spell book and find your rez spell.  Rez isn’t on my bars on any of my characters…and hell, I can’t remember what key combination is my Battle Rez on my druid.  Usually I FORGET I have BRez…
Class Changes
Death Knights
  • Battle Rez – really?  I rarely ever used raise ally (once again, it was finding the person to cast it on).  But, Healbot now finally has a use on Azrael and Kaeli =P
  • I’m happy about the Frost changes.  I love DW Frost – definitely going to drag Azrael into an instance this week to see how the changes are playing out.
  • Haven’t touched my druid enough to know what’s going on with them.
  • Mir is a weird mix of Marks and BM for her two specs.  I haven’t been keeping up with them aside from priorities.  Sadly, I think I play BM  better than I do marks.  I miss Survival.  I might have to respec out of Marks.  Gotta stay BM for my Spirit Beast 🙂
  • Hoping Arcane is looking better with the buff to AB.  I haven’t touched fire yet, and frost and I have never existed.
  • The Word of Glory change will  be interesting.  I’ve liked the ability to WoG back to back when the DPS is tarded and the healer is having to juggle a whole bunch of people in fire.  If anything, it will cause me to keep my WoGs for myself instead of tossing them out to party members since I know I’ve got 20 seconds between casts now.
  • RF persists through death.  I honestly don’t think this will impact me, lol.  All my buffs are bound to my scroll wheel.  I just spin it a couple times to pass out Kings/Might, RF, Seals, etc.
  • DG change I understand (to bring it in line with warriors).  I only use it on AoE fights right now, so it probably won’t impact me much.
  • GC change is nice.  I have more of a reason to keep AS as part of my regular rotation.
  • The Atonement changes are nice.  I prefer to heal this way when I have melee heavy groups.  It gives me something else to cast other than Smite.
  • Chakra change is nice.  No more mouse wheel spinning to activate it or activating it on my bars when we’re in combat.
  • My rogue is cursed (first class I ever played in WoW–simply because I played Assassins in Diablo II)–I have no clue how to play one and thus the patch notes mean nothing to me, lol.
  • Same deal as my druid.  My Alliance shaman is geared enough to get into content.  My Horde shaman is in some of the worst gear from Wrath–she needs an escort to even THINK about questing in Cata.
  • Tristan was a cluster when I played him last.  I’ve got 2 warlocks and I basically forgot how to play Destro.  Mal’s the king of our warlock family from his ICC days on Ty.  At some point I’ll remember how to warlock.  It’s just not on the priority list right now.
  • Kerrigan is still doing decently at fury.  I haven’t touched Rayne in months.  As I mentioned earlier, I’m probably going to roll another warrior to get in my groove with Prot again.  Mercy, my Alliance warrior, was leveling as Prot and it was going great.  Then I stopped playing her and don’t remember how to play it ><
I just saw that realms are back up!  Time to go respec Raz and see if my legs still fall through my drake =P
Happy 4.1 everyone!  Go kick some troll butt!
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