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Patch 4.1 – Zul’Again!

April 26, 2011 Leave a comment

The trolls are returning–this time with “new” loot!

A lot of good memories for me and WoW can be traced back to Zul’Aman.  Building groups specifically to aim for the timers (we could regularly get 3 out of 4) while we were still rocking our T5.  I remember that none of the hunter loot ever dropped while I was in there -.-

I’m composing this while watching the only Fraps’d ZA fight that was recorded in BC by my guild.  Amazingly enough, they hauled in 3 paladins!  1 Prot (good ol’ Vit) and Mal and Nad for healing.  Mal & Nadaela were our two best geared holy pallies and they rocked the heals.  Raid makeup in the video is Tanks:  Warrior & Paladin, Healers:  2 Holy Paladins & a Resto Druid, DPS: Enhancement Shaman, 2 Warlocks (Destro and Affliction if I recall correctly), 1 Shadow Priest, 1 Mage  (can’t remember spec).

Video of the fight after the jump. Read more…

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Call To Arms Thoughts…

April 7, 2011 Leave a comment

So today was going to be a catch-up on the fact that it’s been almost a week without a post.  I have lots of really good excuses, I promise!

While I was sitting awake last night trying to find the missing drivers for my rebuild of my Aurora I stumbled over to my Twitter feed and saw Boubouille’s post about the Call To Arms addition to Patch 4.1. Drivers immediately fell by the wayside and I started digging into the news.

In summary, a “Call To Arms” will be issued to the most underrepresented roles in the Heroic LFD tool.  The goal is to convince more tanks and healers to throw themselves into the queue and run randoms for a chance at money, flasks, cross-faction pets, and some of the rarest mounts in game; the Swift White Hawkstrider from Kael’thas in MagT, Deathcharger’s Reins from Strat, and the Reins of the Raven Lord from Anzu in Sethekk.

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