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Why am I Cursed with PCs!?!?

I’m not quite sure what I’ve ever done to offend the computer gods.  Maybe it was the belief that for the first time in YEARS I wouldn’t have to do a new build every 9 months.  The 9-month mark crept by, and my PC was still plugging away in all it’s glory (which, for the amount of money I spent on it, it had better be).  I even was thinking yesterday about “wow, we’re approaching the 1 year mark and it’s still going strong.  I love this PC!”  And honestly, I think FedEx loves me when they don’t have to deliver heavy stuff to my house on a monthly basis (though the next time I’ll have stuff shipped to my office, those guys are used to hauling around routers and stuff).

So yea…I was sitting at my computer yesterday, pondering how I was going to go about redesigning my UI on Raz (this happens every couple months), and I was updating my “About Me” page for this blog, and I realized that there was a pop-up on my screen.  Short and long of it was “you might want to update your data before your HDD crashes.”  Why yes, I did /facepalm as soon as I read that message.  The irony wasn’t lost on me–I had been talking to a friend earlier about doing PC backups, and the realization that he and I (both artists/tech people), don’t have anything backed up, so if we lose a hard drive, we’re out of a lot of time.  Art, music, you name it.  I would really prefer to never have to attempt to remember what I used to have on a computer during a rebuild.  The worst part for me was that I had been also trying to do some Photoshop work yesterday, and I couldn’t find my brushes–they were all gone!  I had acquired a huge collection of them too because I’m big into abstract art–so I had runes, swirls, etc.  No clue where they went 😦

Anyway, I spent yesterday afternoon trying to remember everything I wanted to back up (so glad my Air has Time Machine), and then grabbing my 1 TB drive from my utility room that was my music share for the house.  I was already having transmission issues (and the new wireless router I want isn’t out yet -.-) between music, WoW, Youtube, and my in general web surfing.  For whatever reason, my router can’t handle 2-4 WoW clients (if I’m multiboxing) and music streaming…let’s not even get into me trying to work through my VPN router for work as well…

So I was able to baby the data off the HDD, and while I was doing that, I spent some time reading up on the very vague error my drive is giving me.  Basically, I need to get to the store today and buy another drive so I can at least get the drives into a RAID array and have some form of backups going on.  Also very happy that my 60G of music is on my external Seagate (god I hope that never breaks).

TLDR version:  I’m an idiot for not backing data up on a regular basis…

Even better?  I don’t have any backups going on my MBP (work machine)…guess I should establish something…my faith in Windows 7 is strong!

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