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UPDATED: The Current Nightmare: Comcast

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Mostly putting this here so I can share what is now shaping up to be an ongoing nightmare with Comcast.

I have never had so much of an issue throwing money at a company as I have Comcast. My wants are simple. I want a phone line, internet, and cable TV. I want to pay the additional sum of money  needed to acquire said packages.

Apparently, the hard part is actually giving me what I want. In the past 72 hours I have expanded my service picks, had my hardware upgraded, been flagged for a “pending disconnect,” and now have a non-working phone. Really?!? If you’d like to see how I have given 6+ hours to Comcast in the past 72 hours, enjoy the outline of what has gone wrong with my service(s) below.

February 2012
-Purchased basic cable and internet for my home

September 2012
-Had account modified so that I could have a Teleworker package installed into my house (16/2)
-Spent following 6 months calling Comcast and arguing that I was not getting 16/2 and was being rate limited to 12/2, the lower end package for Teleworker, while I was being charged for the 16/2 package

March 2013
-Cancelled basic cable due to a rate hike pushing my bill over $50 a month for basic cable

July 2013
-Cancelled Teleworker internet package and purchased a Residential Double Play (internet and Blast cable) package
-This is apparently when the trouble started because my account was never properly converted out of a business account

August 2013
-Called Comcast because my email account was deactivated
-Tech on phone said that there were no notes as to why my email account was turned off; reactivated email account for me

September 2013
-Never received a bill notification via email about my account; instead got constant stream of emails about business services

October 2013
-Called Business Class department to get refund noted on my Business account applied to my Residential account–this was the only thing that happened smoothly

November 21, 2013
-Attempt to purchase Triple Play package
-Unable to purchase because account was never properly converted from Business to Residential
-Two accounts existed in my name at my address, one was inactive
-Account was “supposedly” fixed, and package was purchased
-Installation scheduled for Novemeber 22, 2013
-Modem was deactivated during purchasing, was told it was in provisioning status and to call back in an hour if it didn’t come back online
-2.5 hours spent on phone
-Modem never came back online; called support and they reprovisioned the modem so I had service again

November 22, 2013
-Comcast tech shows up at house to do upgrade; is confused that I have internet and cable TV as notes state that site was a new install
-Comcast tech updated cable box for new channels and installed new voice/data modem
-Comcast tech checked all my phone lines and informed me of my telephone number
-4 hours after tech departed, I began to get activation messages on both my laptop and my iPad, but no issues on my desktop
-Called tech support and was told that I needed to activate my activated system
-Attempted to step through Activation process, but both pieces of hardware was greyed out on website
-Was then informated by support that my account was “Pending Disconnect”
-Routed to sales department who removed “Pending Disconnect” notes; this in turn cleared up the activation messages on my laptop and iPad
-Logged into Comcast website to see that only my phone and cable tv service was listed; all hardware was accounted for
-1.5 hours spent on phone; spoke to multiple people who said they couldn’t find/view my account, were in bulk accounts and couldn’t do anything, were in another state and couldn’t view the accounts for my state, etc.

November 23, 2013
-Modem reboots randomly around 9:30a, which apparently stripped my phone provisioning
-Sign on to Comcast website to see that I have phone, cable tv, and internet packages, but now no longer have any equipment associated to my account
-Call tech support @ 1-800-COMCAST and get told that they only handle bulk accounts and can’t do anything for me; get routed elsewhere and get hung up on right after call is answered (40 minutes)
-Call sales support @ 1-800-COMCAST and explain the entire situation, from start to finish. Sales person gets rid of inactive account, tells me that I have the Triple Play package I purchased, but apparently my phone is no longer provisioned. They route me to phone provisioning. Sit on hold for 30+ minutes and call Comcast from my desk line to see if I can get someone quicker (1h10m on phone)
-Support answers on desk phone and says they are in bulk accounts, can’t view my account, and need to transfer me to another tech support number
-Get routed to Tier 1 tech support, who reboots my modem a minimum of 5 times, and is apparently unable to reprovision my phone service (1+ hours)

UPDATE: After another phone call, I got a GREAT guy named Aaron in Bulk Accounts who walked through the entire history of my account. Here’s what we discovered:

-My condo complex apparently was on a bulk account (possibly a buyer incentive?)
-At some point, in 2008, the bulk account was cancelled. If I referenced the address, it directed me to Bulk accounts,  but I had a residential account, which was messing with everyone’s mind. We determined something was borked on Comcast’s phone routing side that it was thinking that the accounts were bulk even though there was a Residential flag on the account
-Apparently the “fix” for my fubar account on Thursday was something I had asked if it would make the whole process easier, which was creating a new account. Issue was, I was never told a new account had been created and tagged to my work # (more on that below), or given the new account number
-With how Comcast handles call routing now, it looks at the phone number you’re calling from, and asks you to confirm that that’s the phone # on your account. I was still under the belief that my account was still singular and that it was associated with my cell # AND work #, so…
-When I would call in and confirm my cell #, it was showing Comcast employees my now defunct account (known to no one but the person who defunct’d it). If I called from my desk #, it would pull up my current account. This explains why some techs were seeing my OLD package and some were seeing my CURRENT package. You see where this is going?
-When I called in Friday afternoon and was told my account was “Pending Disconnect,” it was my OLD account pending disconnect, not the new one. So when I told them to cancel the “Pending Disconnect,” I reactivated my old service
-Since it was a NEW account, it explains why the Comcast tech who came to the house thought he was doing a new install. Because it WAS a new account–just none of us knew it but the person who created the account!
-We have no idea what has caused  my modem to have a mental meltdown about the phone portion of it–I still think that the reboot of the modem around 9:30a did something to the config…
-My personal email address is still safe and that was how we found my NEW account–I had expressed concern about losing my email account if a new billing account was created. Instead, the email address was moved and associated with the NEW account
-Comcast is rolling a truck to my house tomorrow afternoon to resolve the modem issue and the tech was going to handle my unreturned modem and get my old account disconnected and deactivated, so I should no longer have issues when I call in.

I’m glad I was finally able to get with someone who spent a good 40 minutes confirming everything I had blogged earlier (he was looking at my account history) and was willing to help both myself and Comcast understand what exactly happened and how we could fix it together. Was very cool to have someone do that.

I will say, one of the things about Comcast that I really do enjoy is that I never feel like they are dashing to the next call. Every tech who has worked with me over the past 3 days has spent hours on the phone with me to help with the problem, whether we were able to fix it or not. My hat is off to Comcast management for maintaining a call center that doesn’t appear to have the “you have to take 100 calls on your shift and you need to be off of each call in under 6 minutes.” As a consumer, I thank you for that :)

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